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Park Tool SW-14.5 Spoke Wrench for Shimano Wheels

If you ride Shimano's complete wheelsets you likely received a little packet with a seemingly impractical tool for that fits the Shimano-specific nipples the company uses at both rim and hub. While these tools do work, they lack leverage and can truly tire your hands out if you have a major true/tension or rebuild at hand. If you are a shop tech, this will drive you crazy. Park Took has always filled voids like this, and with so many Shimano wheels on the market, Park has offered specific, longer leverage, hand friendly spoke wrenches for these specific nipple sizes. The SW-14.5 fits Shimano wheels with 4.4mm nipples at the hub and 3.75mm nipples at the rim. The tool has one size on each end and each side is clearly marked with the tool size.

The SW-14.5 Spoke Wrench is precision machined and plated, and the handle has a form-fit, no-slip vinyl grip, resplendent in Park Took blue. Spare your hands and patience, as well as nipple integrity by using this higher leverage tool to tension and true your Shimano wheels.


  • Spoke tool specific to Shimano wheels with 4.4mm and 3.75mm nipples
  • Longer handle, with offset leverage for reduced effort and precision
  • Precision forged steel tool, ends have been machined and plated to protect nipple
  • Vinyl-dipped handle offers grip and tactile feel
  • Shimano uses 4.4mm nipples at the hub and 3.75mm at the rim in proprietary design
  • Tool ends have stamped size indicators