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Park Tool TAP-6 Taps for Crankarm Pedal Threads- Pair

The most common threading issue seen in bike shops comes from improper pedal installation. This is due to the left hand threads found on the non-drive crankarm, which prevent the pedal from un-threading as the crank is spun through each revolution. The right side crank arm has standard right hand threading. The Park Tool TAP-6 pair of crankarm thread taps fits the 9/16 pedal axle standard, and delivers the proper right and left side thread taps. This size is the most commonly used in cycling, on all but lower-end cranksets found on children's bikes.

Threads are often damaged from an installer attempting to install a pedal on the opposite side, not realizing that both pedals and crankarms feature the right/left specific threading. Park makes the TAP-6 from hardened carbon tool steel, with sharp, precise thread cutters for each side, which both feature the same thread size 9/16" x 20 TPI, but the specific right/left application. The TAP-6 is properly used with a standard tap handle, and the TAP-6 works with Park's TH-2 tap handle.


  • Park crank arm tap pair for 9/16"mm x 20 TPI receiving threads
  • Taps are right and left specific to match the crankarm threading direction
  • Hardened carbon tool steel with precision machined tap threading
  • The tap drill size for a 9/16" x 20 TPI thread is nominally 33/64-inch
  • Park recommends the TH-2 tap handle for proper and accurate use
  • Always confirm thread pitch and pitch diameter, and use cutting fluid