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Cantilever brakes have been used on bikes for decades and though there are some variations, most use the 6mm x 1mm threading standard. Shop quality cutting and thread tapping frame tools are rarely used outside of your local bike shop but some home and shop mechanics like to have their own set of useful tools for specific tasks like cantilever bosses.

The Park Tool TAP-9 Frame Tap is designed for the 6mm x .1mm threads, most commonly used on canti brake mounts, but there are have also been fender mounts that use the same size. The TAP-9 gets the same high quality tool steel and precision thread tap system found on all Park taps. It will effectively and accurately cut aluminum or steel. You will need a tap handle for precise and proper use. The Park TH-1 is the proper size for this TAP-9.

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  • Park frame tap for 6mm x 1mm receiving threads
  • Threading commonly found on cantilever brake mounts, oversized fender mounts
  • High quality tool steel with precision machined tap threading
  • Park recommends the TH-1 tap handle for proper and accurate use
  • Always confirm thread pitch and pitch diameter, and use cutting fluid
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