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Park Tool TH-2 Tap Handle 8-9/16in

When tapping damaged or new threads into a thread receiving boss, component or piece of stock aluminum or steel, you must operate with care and precision. It is just as easy to damage a threaded receiver that just requires a minor repair of a damaged thread or two as it is to properly chase the threads. Park Tool makes a series of thread taps for commonly used bicycle related threaded receivers. The taps can be used with drills, wrenches or tap handles, and in almost every situation, a conventional tap handle is the proper tool. The Park Tool TH-2 Tap Handle is designed to be used with metric taps sized from M4–M12, and standard taps from #8–9/16".

The TH-2 is the larger of the two tap handle sizes offered by Park. The advantage of the tap handle over any other tool option is that you can center and fully control and support the square end of the tap spindle. Once mounted, you have complete control over the angle and speed of use. Cutting fluid or some other lubricant should always be used with cutting, and the vinyl gripped handles of the TH-2 keep you in control at all times. Be precise, take it slow, and you can easily repair steel or aluminum thread receivers with the correct tap using the appropriate tap handle. Made of forged steel, with black oxide coating, with threaded adjustment and precision square tool faces, the Park TH-2 is a must have for any bike mechanic who taps threads.


  • Adjustable, centering thread tap handle for square head taps
  • Designed to be used with:
    • Metric taps from M4–M12
    • Standard taps from #8–9/16""
  • Steel construction with black oxide coating
  • Precise tool interfaces for square head taps
  • Vinyl dipped handles keep you in control at all times