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Thread locking compounds prevent unwanted release or loosening of threaded bolt assemblies. Park Tool has developed their own line of compounds with the bike industry in mind, but all can be used in any appropriate application. This High Strength TLR-2 Red compound compares to Loctite's® 262/263™ product. Park impresses on the user that their AP-1 Adhesive Primer must be used to prep any carbon surface and all interacting components before using the TLR-2, otherwise the result could be permanently bonded parts.

Sold in a 10ml bottle, the TLR-2 High Strength Thread Locker Red is compatible with steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, and tolerates oil and grease use. Park Tool does not recommend its use on titanium. This product is designed for applications that call for high strength bonds on larger threaded interfaces that handle high stress loads, such as some full-suspension linkages. Always use the proper thread locking compound as called for by the manufacturer. Use the product as directed and the 10ml bottle will go a long way. Always close tightly after use.

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  • High strength thread locking compound compares to Loctite 262/263
  • Can be used with steel, aluminum and carbon fiber*
  • *Only use on carbon fiber/parts after treating with Park's AP-1 Adhesive Primer*
  • Not recommended for use on titanium
  • Liquid color: Red
  • Size: 10ml bottle
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