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Tools & Maintenance Truing Stands

Park Tool TSB-2.2 Tilting Base Mount

The Park Tool TS-2 series of Truing Stands (TS-2, TS-2.2, TS-2.2P) have been best sellers for years, with Park adding capabilities and features with each model. Almost every truing stand from this series we have sold over the years been partnered with a tilting base, which adds flexibility to how and where you can use your truing stand. The TSB-2.2 is the up to date version of the tilting base. The new design is made from a durable composite nylon material, which allows you to securely attach it to your bench or work area. Once you install your TS-2 series truing stand you can change the angle the stands sit at with a simple hand knob, affording you the best eyeline and reach for the wheel you are working on.

The revised TSB-2.2 allows you to tilt the truing stand 20 degrees from front to back, allowing you significant physical adjustment. The tilting base is wide and sturdy, with a revised shape that puts the small parts compartments closer to you. These segmented trays have rounded corners and edges for easy retrieval of small items like spoke nipples, valves, caps, and lockrings. Park also provides 5 slots that fit their common spoke wrenches so you have the tools you use daily at hand. While it is true some wheel techs prefer a fixed stand, about 80% of all Park truing stands we sell are sold with a tilting base. Yes, this TSB-2.2 works with all of the TS-2 series truing stands, so you can upgrade or replace your original TSB-2 model anytime.


  • Specific tilting base mount for the Park TS-2 series truing stands
  • Allows stand to move 20 degrees front to back for better work angles
  • Made from durable hard composite material
  • Designed to be securely mounted to bench or work surface
  • Features compartments for 5 Park spoke wrenches and others for small parts
  • Small part trays have rounded edges and corners for easily removing items
  • Compatible with: TS-2, TS-2.2, TS 2.2P