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Just the basic essentials please. Park Tool created this simple tool kit for new cyclists, or those who truly just want the basics in an easy to carry package. You get a carry pouch, a pair of Park's fantastic TL-1.2 composite tire levers, an AWS-9.2 Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set featuring five commonly used tools, two individual TB-2 tire boots for when a tire has through damage, and a GP-2 Pre-Glued Super Patch Kit it's five patches and small piece of sandpaper to rough up and repair a punctured tube.

While there are certainly many other tools that can, and are, carried by cyclists, about 75% of all cyclists will never use them. The WTK-2 will be used, and the individual items can be replaced if and when necessary. The patch kit, tire levers and tire boots cover your emergency flat tire needs. The AWS-9.2 features 4, 5, 6mm Hex keys, a T25 Torx key, and a compact head flat blade screwdriver. The steel tools are precise and durable, and stored in the handle when not in use. This strong, lightweight composite handle provides structure and grip leverage so the tools are truly usable and effective.

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  • Essential cycling tool kit with travel pouch for easy storage, organization
  • Meets needs of the vast majority of cyclists for flats and basic adjustments
  • Includes:
    • Cordura-style pouch with velcro closure
    • AWS-9.2 Five tool folding multi-tool
    • Pair of TL1.2 composite tire levers
    • Two Tark Tire Boots (used when tire damaged through casing)
    • One GP-2 Preglued Patch kit with 5 patches, sandpaper
  • Ideal for average cyclist on the bike, handy to have one vehicle or at home
  • Use items can be replaced easily, as all are made and offered by Park Tool
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