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Tools & Maintenance Lubricants & Oil

Pedros Ice Wax 2.0

Pedros has taken advantage of their location near a top engineering university to create Ice Wax 2.0 that is superior to original Ice Wax in both performance and environmental sustainability. Ice Wax 2.0 is made with beeswax combined with advanced chemistry that uses a unique detergent base to push contaminants from the chain.

A hydrophobic wax coating repels water and provides protection from wear and dirt. Ice Wax 2.0 also cleans-up easily with warm, soapy water and does not produce a build up on the chain like other lubes. Excellent for dry to mixed-dry conditions.

  • 4oz 120ml size
  • Penetrates well
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Keeps the chain very clean
  • Excellent for dry to mixed-dry conditions
  • Easy clean up with warm, soapy water