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We purchased this 56cm F7 equipped with Shimano Ultegra Di2 from Pinarello as a Demo Bike. It was built and the fork's steerer was cut with ample 3.5cm of spacing below the stem. Very light signs of use, mostly from transportation of the bike. This beautiful steed comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. Only one in stock

The Pinarello F7 is meticulously designed for one purpose: to deliver outstanding racing performance on the road. Despite its lower price compared to the Tour-winning Dogma, this bike doesn't compromise on speed and is primed for competitive endeavors. It doesn't fall into the categories of a climbing, aero, or endurance bike—it is a versatile performance machine that excels in every aspect. For those seeking effortless climbs, blistering sprints, and confident descents, the F7 is the ultimate choice. While it leans more towards speed than endurance compared to the X, it remains comfortable for extended rides. Pinarello understands that most F-Series models won't be raced professionally, but they ensure that your daily ride is imbued with race-level velocity.

Crafted from T900 carbon fiber with a refined 3K finish, the F7's frame is the result of Pinarello's collaboration with the renowned carbon manufacturer, Toray. By skillfully layering the carbon, they have achieved a frame that is exceptionally lightweight without compromising strength and stiffness—essential attributes for optimal performance. The T900 carbon falls just below the top-tier T1100, offering high-level performance at a more affordable price. With T900 3K carbon, you can expect the perfect balance of reactivity, vibration dampening, and low weight.

Continuing Pinarello's tradition of asymmetrical frames found in their premium bicycles, the F7 boasts an asymmetric design. While pedaling force is evenly distributed to both sides, the chain's pull affects only the right side. The frame's shape is meticulously crafted to balance these forces, ensuring maximum efficiency. Drawing from Pinarello's rich racing heritage, the F7 features the classic race geometry that has contributed to numerous Grand Tour wins. With the F7, you can maintain your peak speed, just like the pros.

At the forefront of the F7, you'll find the renowned Onda Fork—a Pinarello staple since 2000, constantly advancing in performance. Its distinctive shape provides exceptional maneuverability and stability, while effectively dampening road shocks both laterally and longitudinally. The F7 also incorporates the TiCR system, enabling internal cable routing. Equipped with the Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset, this version ensures precise 12-speed electronic shifting at a more accessible price point. The Pinarello F7 is a road bike that exudes high-level performance, putting you in the race-ready mindset during every ride.

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  • The Pinarello F7 is meticulously designed for outstanding racing performance on the road.
  • It offers competitive speed at a lower price compared to the Tour-winning Dogma.
  • The F7 is a versatile all-around performance bike with no compromises.
  • It enables effortless climbs, blistering sprints, and confident descents.
  • While leaning towards speed, it remains comfortable for long rides.
  • The T900 carbon fiber frame ensures lightness, strength, and stiffness.
  • Pinarello collaborated with carbon manufacturer Toray to create an optimal carbon layup.
  • The frame's asymmetrical design balances pedaling forces for maximum efficiency.
  • The classic Pinarello race geometry keeps you at your fastest.
  • The Onda Fork provides precise turning ability, stability, and effective shock absorption.
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Size 43cm 46.5cm 50cm 51.5cm 53cm 54cm 55cm 56cm 57.5cm 59.5cm 62cm
Wheel Size 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c
Stack 502.4mm 517.6mm 525.4mm 532.3mm 542.6mm 551.2mm 561.6mm 570.2mm 584.8mm 613.3mm 651.7mm
Reach 351.4mm 364.8mm 372.1mm 378mm 383.3mm 385mm 388.8mm 390.7mm 396.7mm 393.3mm 410.1mm
Head Angle 74.4° 74.4° 74° 73.7° 73.7° 73.4° 73.4° 73° 73° 72.4° 72°
Seat Angle 69.5° 70.5° 71.4° 72° 72.5° 72.8° 72.8° 73.2° 73.7° 73.4° 73.4°
Top Tube Length 500mm 515mm 525mm 535mm 545mm 550mm 557mm 565mm 575mm 587mm 620mm
Head Tube Length 97mm 104mm 109mm 114mm 123mm 131mm 142mm 149.5mm 163mm 199mm 239mm
Fork Offset 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 67mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 67mm 67mm
Chainstay Length 406mm 406mm 406mm 406mm 406mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 411mm
Minimal differences from Dogma F
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