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Small Parts Seatpost

Pinarello Seatpost Internal Battery Mount

The aero shape seatpost designs of the Gan and F-series Pinarello frames can easily accommodate a stick type internal battery for electronic drivetrains, such as Shimano's Di2. But securing the battery within the shaped post requires a proper mount. While we have tried several other options with limited success, Pinarello offers a slick and entirely effective internal mounting bracket that prevents vibration or movement of any kind, while preserving the integrity of the seatpost.

Two models are offered, with one for the Dogma 60.1 and 65.1 seatposts, and a second, that fits the F8, F10, and the Gan series frames with the current aero post design. Machined from aluminum with battery retention and chassis expansion, the design and execution are excellent. The use of an 0-ring provides friction against the inner surface of the post, and a hex bolt creates the expansion required. All you have to do is align the mount so the tightening bolt is accessible from the end of the seatpost, clip in the battery, slide on the o-ring, install the assembly into the post and tighten.

We know this is a pricey mount system, but the two models were designed specifically for these seatposts, so we aren't talking about mass production here, and as stated already, we have not used any internal battery mount that is more secure. You don't need to modify, add hot glue, cross your finger, etc. If you are running the listed frames with electronic shifting, this is the best internal battery mount, period.


  • Pinarello designed internal battery mounts for their aero seatposts
  • Machined aluminum construction, with anodized finish
  • Expands to secure control battery within seatpost without causing damage
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Two versions:
    • Dogma 60.1, Dogma 65.1
    • F8 (fits F10, Gan models with same aero seatpost)
  • Color: Black