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We purchased this 43cm X9 frameset from Pinarello as a display frameset and was never built-up or ridden. This frame has a smudge on the center of the top of the toptube, beyond that it is in perfect condition and comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. Only one in stock

The Pinarello X9 excels in high performance with its lightweight design and comfort, making it ideal for long-distance rides. It incorporates the core elements of Pinarello's performance frames, adjusted for enhanced endurance. The special endurance geometry places riders in a more relaxed position while retaining the carbon frame and signature Pinarello techniques to ensure speed. The Pinarello X9 invites you to push the pace and extend the duration of every ride.

Constructed with Toray's T900 carbon fiber, the Pinarello X9 boasts excellent vibration dampening, low weight, and responsiveness, akin to their higher-end racing bikes. The asymmetric frame design addresses the unbalanced torsion from the chain, offering a more stable and powerful ride. Featuring the classic Onda fork, known for its aerodynamic qualities and superior control, the X9 ensures flawless shock dissipation. The unique rear triangle combines pedaling comfort, precise handling, and responsive performance. With X-Stays absorbing vibrations and maintaining low weight and stiffness, the X9 is fast and comfortable on various terrains. It also accommodates tires up to 36mm wide, encouraging riders to explore beyond smooth tarmac.

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  • High performance with lightweight design and enhanced comfort for long-distance rides
  • Special endurance geometry places riders in a more relaxed position
  • Constructed with Toray's T900 carbon fiber for excellent vibration dampening and responsiveness
  • Asymmetric frame design offers stable and powerful ride by addressing unbalanced torsion from the chain
  • Classic Onda fork provides aerodynamic qualities, superior control, and flawless shock dissipation
  • Accommodates tires up to 36mm wide for versatility on various terrains
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Size 46.5cm 50cm 51.5cm 53cm 54cm 55cm 56cm 57.5cm 59.5
Wheel Size 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c
Stack 535mm 542mm 548mm 559mm 568mm 578mm 588mm 601mm 632mm
Reach 358mm 365mm 371mm 379mm 381mm 383mm 384mm 390mm 395mm
Head Angle 70° 70.5° 71.0° 71.5° 72.0° 72.0° 72.5° 72.8° 73.0°
Seat Angle 74.4° 74.0° 73.7° 73.7° 73.4° 73.4° 73.0° 73.0° 72.4°
Top Tube Length 515mm 525mm 535mm 545mm 552mm 557mm 565mm 575mm 595mm
Head Tube Length 119mm 124mm 129mm 138mm 146mm 167mm 165mm 178mm 214mm
Fork Offset 70mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Chainstay Length 422mm 422mm 422mm 422mm 422mm 422mm 422mm 422mm 422mm
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