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POC has brought major technology and safety to more accessible price points in several models, and the the Axion SPIN is a great example. Lightweight, well ventilated and with extended coverage around the temples and at the back of the head, the Axion SPIN provides finely tuned trail protection. Including a 360° size adjustment system that makes it easy to find a precise fit, the helmet features a fully wrapped unibody shell for improved structural integrity. The adjustable breakaway peak works to enhance safety in a crash, as it reduces forces transmitted to the neck. The peak can be adjusted so protection from sun, rain and mud can be tailored to individual needs. Designed for trail and Enduro riders, the Axion SPIN benefits from POC's proven, optimized channels and vents that control airflow into and out of the the shell to keep the wearer cooler in all conditions.

As with all of its' helmets, POC includes all of the industry-leading safety features in the Axion SPIN. The full wrap polycarbonate shell protects the EPS foam and liner from accidental impact. The fit and retention system is clean and easy to use while being highly effective. SPIN refers to Shearing Pad INside. Medical experts in the POC Lab know that oblique impacts are common in cycling and can cause serious head injury due to a rotation of the helmet and head. That rotation at impact causes shearing or twisting of the brain within the skull, which leads to tissue damage beyond point of impact and the rebound effect. To counter oblique impacts, POC has created SPIN pads, which are optimized to provide rotational impact protection based on the precise location of the skull and pads inside the helmet.

The pads feature silicon inside, which allows the movement. POC still uses the excellent Polygiene pad covers to wick away moisture and prevent funk. The objective of SPIN is to minimize the effects of an oblique fall by allowing the helmet to move relative to the head. With a properly fitted helmet you get the external impact protection, then the pads allow the helmet to rotate, reducing the shearing forces of rotation. That this technology merely replaces existing pads, there is no real weight gain or need for an expanded shell size to accommodate any layered protection system, help making it ideal for the Axion SPIN's great price point. Return to Top


  • Enduro/Trail helmet with excellent rear coverage, enhanced safety, great execution and details
  • Includes SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), POC's patent-pending silicone pad technology system
  • Optimized-density EPS liner offers ideal impact force absorption
  • Slim profile for low weight and a clean aesthetic
  • Superior ventilation channels provide maximum cooling and comfort
  • Lightweight size adjustment system makes it easy to find the perfect fit
  • Easily adjustable straps with anchors molded into the helmet liner improve both comfort and safety
  • Light weight 360° size adjustment system for a personalized fit
  • Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
  • See selection menu for available colors and sizes
  • Weight: 305 grams (Medium)
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