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The Kortal Race MIPS helmet represents the epitome of POC's helmet design process. Making a trail grade helmet with the best combination of safety, fit, protection, and ride details is no simple task, and the Kortal Race MIPS provides an experience that is difficult to match.

The story must be begin with construction and protection, both essential to the viability and performance of a trail helmet. With InMold construction featuring the industry standard polycarbonate shell and EPS foam liner, the unibody design also features's POC's mastery of ventilation from port designs and internal air circulation as well as wrapped edges that further protect the foam. The Kortal shell also has extended protection zones around the temples and back of the head give extra protection in these higher risk areas. If the great fit and retention system ended the story here, you'd have the base model Kortal, but this is the Kortal Race MIPS.

As most riders know by know, the core of the MIPS Brain Protection System is a low friction layer that allows the head to move 10-15 mm relative the helmet in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain, which reduces the shearing and rebound forces that occur the brain moves within the skull after an impact. What is different here? Safety wise, nothing, but this is MIPS Integra, a new system that integrates the layer within the design, reducing weight, saving space and making the system more efficient while allowing POC to fully shape it with the ventilation system. The standalone liner used by standard MIPS can impact airflow. No such worries here.

Just as the construction and MIPS add crash protection, POC's inclusion of a RECCO® Reflector and an integrated NFC Medical ID chip. The former set-up used in backcountry search and rescue events, while the former stores a rider’s vital info and can be accessed at the scene of an accident. Adding these features simply gives you extra opportunities for support and better information in the case of a trail accident.

The details of the Kortal Race MIPS are extremely well thought out and executed. The adjustable, detachable helmet peak (visor) raises high on the helmet so goggles can be stored. Rear ventilation can also be used to securely store sunglasses. No ventilation gets covered by a goggle strap, helping the wearer to stay as cool as possible. The overall effect is super comfortable trail/Enduro helmet that delivers world class protection and safety without compromising you riding experience or performance. In fact, it enhances it as you feel more secure and properly equipped, which increases your confidence and peace of mind.

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  • Trail/Enduro helmet with reduced weight, added MIPS protection, and smart features
  • New MIPS Integra protection system is integrated with the helmet construction to provide
  • System keeps MIPS light, and fully inline with ventilation and retention system to keep you comfortable and the helmet secure, while still delivering the slip layer system that protects the brain against rotational forces and shearing that can occur with impact
  • EPS InMold construction with polycarbonate shell protects against impact, while diffusing energy but maintaining integrity in case of multiple impacts
  • This unibody shell enhances the overall structural integrity of the helmet
  • Extended shell zones around the temples and back of the head give extra protection in risk areas
  • Breakaway adjustable peak can be lifted high enough that goggles/sunglasses can be stored underneath the peak
  • POC's excellent fit and retention system offers comfortable security
  • Adjustable, detachable helmet peak
  • No ventilation ports get covered by a goggle strap
  • Certified to Dutch NTA 8776 electric bicycle standard- which is only such standard currently
  • RECCO® Reflector is a lightweight passive transponder which require no power or activation; Responders must have an active RECCO receiver, but it adds another layer of safety in the backcountry
  • Integrated NFC Medical ID chip store your vital medical info and emergency contacts within the helmet for access by first responders
  • Certified to the Dutch NTA 8776 electric bicycle helmet standard, only current such standard
  • Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
  • Colors: White/Black, Uranium Black/White, Moonstone Grey/Black
  • Weight: 390 grams (Medium)
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