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Clothing Bib Shorts

POC Ne-Plus Ultra VPD Bib Shorts

Many cycling clothing companies have developed garments to meet and overcome the demands of gravel roads and events of all kinds distances. Great fit, high breathability, muscle support, extra storage and in the case of bib shorts, an optimized chamois pad all tend to found on gravel clothing options. The details are executed differently, and every piece has it's strengths, offering riders plenty of great options. POC has covered all the bases with their Ne-Plus Ultra VPD Bib Shorts with typically excellent execution and quality material, but also adding their own hidden advantage to appeal the most serious gravel racers.

Don't discount the need for muscle support, for both the hardest working, and most subtly supportive zones. The bib upper of the Ne-Plus Ultra VPD utilizes the expected mesh for cooling and moisture management, but it is designed to hug almost the full length of the central back zone. That helps keep moderate compression on the mesh panels used for the obliques and lower back, preventing those zones from being subject to constant movement- and wasted energy- from rough riding surfaces. That is maintained across the lower abdominal area as well, in the same mesh as the rest, allowing this critical area the support and moisture transfer it truly needs. The bib straps themselves are flat and wide, with a seam-free construction that is comfortable and supportive without friction areas that can cause chafing or discomfort.

The connection from the upper to the short section is structured for excellent cycling ergonomics and the stretch rates of the fabrics, flatlock stitching and panel directionality to allow for comfort in the most aggressive riding posture without feeling too restrictive when you sit up to breathe freely on a long ascent. The fabrics and design offer extra comfort and support being tailored for the agile body positions you find yourself in on every gravel ride. The short section offers plenty of comfortable compression to the thighs, glutes and hamstrings, and the leg sections are held in place by 3cm wide leg gripper system is integrated behind the outer fabric to improve durability and provide a consistent feel. POC has added mesh pockets to the sides of each thigh, handy for storage small nutritional items or whatever you want at hand on epic rides. Jersey pockets are great, but when taking your hands off the bars and adjusting your posture to feel for something behind you can be too dangerous on gravel surfaces. POC also adds a flap-style envelope set-up to prevent items from sliding free, but still very easy to access.

Of course, the most crucial component of a gravel bib short is the chamois pad. POC has made some strong decisions here, with some unique characteristics. The first is the recognition that many riders are using the short length, or snub nose saddle designs, so the pad is actually shorter to match these lengths and eliminate excess materials that you simply don't need with these saddle platforms. It reduces weight and potential chafing as well, while allowing more heat and moisture to escape freely. The pad itself is made with recycled materials, and features a compact, dense padding layer system with a central channel that reduces pressure in this sensitive area. The effect of the pad is that the rider is supported and protected at the pressure points, but still feels a better connection to the bike. The added technology that makes the thin padding layer more effective is the placement of POC's silicone-based VPDS inserts under the direct pressure zones. Thin, light, and very effective at reducing the transmission of vibration and impact, VPDS raises the bar for gravel comfort. If there is a small penalty, it is that these inserts don't breathe, but in the zones they occupy, this is much less important than protection.

Finally, POC desired to make the Ne-Plus Ultra VPD Bib Shorts ideal for use in any conditions, so they applied a durable wind-blocking and water-resistant material on the legs, as well as added small, but effective reflective elements for low light visibility. If you have read this and found yourself nodding at the features and design elements, making the investment in these well conceived and executed gravel-oriented bib shorts will be a inspired, informed decision.


  • Premium grade bib short developed specifically for gravel and adventure rides
  • Shorter chamois pad tailored to shorter saddles now commonly used on many gravel bikes
  • Excellent balance of fit, compression, support, stretch, and moistures transfer for epic riding
  • Silicone-based VPDS inserts in chamois add more protection
  • Durable wind/water repellent fabric on legs shrugs off the elements without sacrificing breathability
  • Pockets on thighs with flap-type "envelope" opening for some security
  • 3cm-wide leg gripper is integrated behind the outer fabric to improve durability
  • Fully flatlock seams enhance comfort next to the skin
  • High-stretch suspenders are completely seam free for extra comfort
  • Breathable mesh fabric on the torso improves comfort
  • Small but effective reflective detailing makes it easier for others to notice you in low-light situations
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Uranium Black
  • Weight: 200 grams (Large)
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