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Building off the success of the more aerodynamic Ventral MIPS, POC brings us the Ventral Air MIPS Helmet, which carries nearly all of the features and safety aspects of the Ventral MIPS, but in a more everyday roadie, hot weather model, with greater open ventilation zones, lower weight, and less overall aero capability. For those who just don't need or want a true aero road helmet, the Ventral Air MIPS brings POC's incredible commitment to rider safety and top-level performance into the mix.

This Ventral Air Mips NFC has all the standard features of the award-winning Ventral Air Mips and benefits from the inclusion of a NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme®, making it ideal on remote individual adventures or wilderness rides. The NFC chip can easily be read by holding an NFC-enabled smartphone over the helmet. It can instantly give rescuers the information they need at the scene of an injury, thereby supporting them make the best judgments for treatment in the vital "Golden Hour" immediately after an accident. Other technologies to keep you safe on gravel and adventure rides include the addition of Mips to enhance rotational impact protection.

Safety, performance and ventilation are the perfect trinity of the road helmet world and every major helmet company has labored to crack the code. As POC see's it, the Ventral Air MIPS sets new benchmarks for overall performance, safety and ventilation in a road bike helmet. Designed and created using feedback from professional riders in the pro peloton, POC's aerodynamic experts in the WATTS Lab, and combined with the company's experience and extensive computational fluid dynamic simulation and testing, the Ventral Air MIPS has been developed and analyzed from every crucial perspective. The Ventral design as an aero helmet has one story, while the integration of the advanced MIPS Integra rotational impact protection system.

As with all of its' helmets, POC includes all of the industry-leading safety features in the Ventral Air MIPS. The full wrap polycarbonate shell protects the EPS foam and liner from accidental impact. The fit and retention system is clean and easy to use while being highly effective. MIPS Integra is a rotational management system (RMS) that is integrated and designed into the helmet as tightly as it gets. Since the solution is a specific design collaboration between the POC and MIPS design teams, the aim is to ideally integrate the specific MIPS Integra system into the helmet. The relative movement of 10-15mm that is needed in order to reduce forces otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash, happens close to the low friction layer, either between the comfort padding and the very thin sheet of polycarbonate PC that covers the inside of the helmet or between the energy-absorbing layers. The different designs make for unique ventilation abilities, invisible integration, and a fit that is unique to each helmet, in this case the Ventral Air.

The Ventral Air MIPS shape and design combines the ventilation process with the aerodynamic requirements by leading air through the helmet, instead of around it, which significantly reduces wake behind it and improves the helmet’s aerodynamic properties. The Ventral Air MIPS has been designed with specific airflow zones in the helmet to create different pressure zones, inspired by the Venturi effect, which has the effect of increasing airflow and speed allowing the helmet to pass through the air with greater ease and efficiency. The more open airflow zones of the Ventral Air MIPS also create superior ventilation and cooling which improve the overall performance of the helmet.

NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme® adds incredible value and a sense of security to the Ventral Air MIPS NFC helmet, but POC helmets offer so much more. Here, of course POC includes their rather strong standard technologies and features. The full wrap polycarbonate shell protects the EPS foam and liner from accidental impact. The fit and retention system is clean and easy to use while being highly effective. The straps are integrated with the liner, with ideal exit points and one-hand operated clip. Glasses easily integrate while in use, and the eyewear garage system is great at holding your expensive shades when you don't want to wear them. The Ventral Air MIPS NFC is competitively light, with the added protection of the twICEme® set-up, MIPS Integra, and superior ventilation and feasible aerodynamics. Isn't that what you have been waiting for?

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  • Advanced Ventral MIPS design road helmet design optimized with CFD testing for aerodynamic performance, minimal air turbulence, superior ventilation
  • Medical info stored on the twICEme® NFC Medical ID chip can easily be read by co-riders and first responders with a tap of a smartphone
  • MIPS Integra is the latest technology from brain protection specialists MIPS enhances rotational impact protection
  • MIPS Integra is a rotational management system (RMS) that is integrated and designed into the helmet
  • Developed according to POC's Whole Helmet Concept™
  • Residual air travelling around the helmet is controlled by a 22° aero trailing edge: the perfect angle for minimizing turbulence
  • Fully wrapped unibody shell construction to improve helmet strength
  • High performance polycarbonate shell covering more of the liner adds safety, protection
  • High performance EPS liner with targeted and optimized density provides ideal balance of weight and protection
  • Light weight 360° size adjustment system for a personalized fit
  • Easily adjustable precision straps molded into the helmet liner for extra comfort
  • Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet
  • Includes soft helmet bag
  • Sizes: Small (50-56cm), Medium (54-59cm), Large (59-61cm) [Tends to run a bit smaller in actual fit]
  • Colors: Choose from several color options in selection menu
  • Weight: 275 grams (CPSC- approved Medium)
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