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With a full steel handle and tool interface, the PRO Cassette Wrench was developed for Shimano/PRO-sponsored cycling team mechanics. The 3-pin interface is simple- no chain or moving parts, and easy to use on 10 and 11 speed cassettes. The handle features a durable cover made with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) that has the feel and properties of both rubber and plastic, and is durable and delivers grip even when hands are sweaty or wet, and resists grease and lubricants.

The center hole of the tool interface is large enough for axles and many cassette lockring fitments, but was designed for use with a design like the Shimano T- LR15 for the Park FR-5. With simplicity, leverage and reliability, the PRO Cassette Wrench is a great option for those don't care for chain whips or cog plier/vise type models.

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  • Leveraged, simple cassette wrench ideal for Shimano 10/11 speed cassettes
  • Tool head features pass-through center hole and 3-pins that secure the cassette
  • Lockring tool is not included
  • Long handle with molded TPR material that offers grip, comfort and durability
  • Color: Black
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