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Pumps & CO2 Floor Pumps

PRO Competition Floor Pump

Many us desire a classic steel floor pump for durability, with more contemporary features and function. The PRO Competition Floor Pump answers the call. It's steel barrel, base plate and plunger rod ensure stability, stiffness, and can handle the trials of daily use as well as getting knocked around the garage or shop. We particularly like the shape and detail of the base, which also carries a textured surface for sure control, regardless of what footwear you are wearing before you head out on the ride.

PRO opted for a classic looking wooden handle, with tapered ends that not only looks good, but feels great when you are inflating a tire. The large gauge is centered low on the low on the base plate, which protects it if the pump is knocked over, but can still be read easily from above. Pressure is rated at 160psi / 11 bar, and both are listed on the gauge. The rubber hose is of average length, ending in a head design specific to PRO pumps. The dual-sided head features their SnapLock EZ head, which is color coded. The red side is for Schrader valves, the blue side for Presta. When your valve is ready (Schrader- cap removed, Presta- valve open) you simply slide the head over the valve and press down. Inflate, then pull up. The SnapLock engages and disengages with the action, and is quite secure while inflating. This system has been proven by PRO-equipped professional cycling teams and mechanics and is as durable and reliable as it is simple.

Great for sport, recreational, and serious enthusiasts, the PRO Competition Floor Pump is effective for mountain and road use, and will hold up season after season.


  • General purpose floor pump for all cyclists, bike types
  • Rated for 160psi / 11 bar inflation
  • Steel base, barrel and plunger ensures durability, stiffness while using
  • Wooden handle offers classic look, solid ergonomics
  • Large, base mount gauge with pressure listed in psi and bar
  • PU rubber hose with SnapLock EZ dual-sided head
  • One side for Presta (Blue), one for Schrader (Red)
  • Push on to engage and lock, pull off to release
  • Color: Black