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Road Saddles

PRO Falcon Carbon Saddle

PRO's Falcon Carbon Saddle series comes in two styles: standard, and with Airflow Ventilation (a cut-out). This standard, v-shaped Falcon is a flat saddle, with plenty of room for cyclists who prefer to move fore and aft for power, or simply changing pressure zones. There is a thin central channel in the padding to reduce some central zone pressure. PRO uses a carbon composite shell, which adds stiffness and longevity to the saddle structure, then adds super light, high density EVA foam padding to support the sitbone structures and provide protection from long hours in the saddle, impacts, and road noise.

The Falcon Carbon Saddle is available in widths. We carry the 132mm and 142mm versions, which generically equate to narrow and average. PRO also makes a 154mm width for riders with much wider sitbones. The tail of the Falcon sits fairly far to the rear, so you get a long, tapering central section and a reasonable nose. The shell is stiff enough to carry your weight all the way up to the nose. No rivet, but you can still live up to cycling history when you pull forward for a quad dominant pedaling posture. The shell is assisted by the 7.2mm x 9.22mm oval hollow carbon rails, which are not only strong, but also serve to attenuate road vibration before it passes through the saddle to the rider.

The 275mm length is basically standard in unisex saddles today, but the difference in the Falcon Carbon is how much of it you get to take advantage of. This is a saddle for riders with good core strength and a comfort level with a largely position-less saddle. While padded, it isn't soft or cushy, but feels just right for hard, long rides. At just 155 grams in the 132mm width, it is also competitively light in the price point. While PRO has become known for it;'s bars, stems, and seatposts, their saddles complete the cockpit with matching characteristics: excellent design and construction, innovative features, and high performance at light weight. If you are looking for a flatter, position-less saddle built for all day rides and long-term value, PRO delivers it with Falcon Carbon Saddle.


  • Light weight, oval carbon rail saddle with flat design, freedom to use whole length
  • Carbon reinforced shell construction with shock absorbing rail mount system
  • Super light, high density, EVA foam padding is ample, but not soft or squishy
  • Synthetic cover wears well, is water proof and resistant to tearing
  • Thin central relief channel keeps each side of padded zones independent
  • Hollow carbon fiber rails offer strength and support, damp vibration
  • Rail size: 7.2mm x 9.2mm oval; will fit most vertically opening saddle clamps
  • Overall length: 275mm
  • Widths Options: 132mm, 142mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 155 grams (132mm width)