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Pumps & CO2 Floor Pumps

PRO Floor Pump Team

Boasting a full alloy construction and a CNC machined alloy head, Pro the updated Floor Pump Team is a durable, functional, full feature pump effective for road, mountain, and gravel use. It features PRO’s new 2-way gauge to allow for easy pressure checks when both inflating and deflating. The Prests/Schrader pump head has a pressure release and the gauge has both high volume and a high pressure zones.

The low pressure zone is rated as 0-40 psi, while the high is 40-140 psi. The PU hose is longer than most, and super durable to daily use and banging around the garage. The composite handle has a shape that is hand and pressure friendly, and again is durable.


  • Full feature floor pump with new head design and unique pressure gauge
  • Sturdy alloy barrel and base
  • Dual modes for High Pressure and High Volume
  • Dual Presta and Schrader levered head with air release
  • Two-Way pressure Analog pressure gauge allows for easy pressure checks when inflating or deflating
  • Extra-length PU hose
  • Gauge accurate to 3-4psi
  • Volume / Stroke [cm3]: 42l
  • Color: Black