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PRO's entry into the dropper seatpost market has been well received for several reasons. First, it is a stealth-style post for internal seat-tube routing. Second, it is cable actuated, which is mechanically simple and reliable. Third, the 120mm travel is infinite. Fourth, the travel is actuated by a one-piece air/hydraulic cartridge that is replaceable. And yet PRO has poured much more into the Koryak Dropper Seatpost.

The shaft and body are machined from 7000 series aluminum. The seal head is rebuildable, and the keys and bushings are replaceable; making the post truly serviceable. As for use, the zero setback seatpost head features a single-bolt adjustment, and PRO offers two remote mount versions, one which integrates with Shimano's I-Spec II, and a second clamp style version. The remote lever itself is oriented horizontally, for optimal leverage and feel. Shimano's Optislick, super-low friction cable and housing system connects the lever to the post. The Koryak Dropper is available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, at 400mm overall length.

Functionally, the travel and movement of the Koryak is smooth and responsive. One major advantage of a cable-actuated dropper is that you have a barrel adjuster to adjust cable tension at any time. You also have fewer complicated maintenance issues than with a hydraulic dropper, and like all the best dropper options, the Koryak Dropper is extremely serviceable. PRO and Shimano built this dropper for the long haul, yet the units are weight and performance competitive with both cable and hydraulic models, and the pricing is accessible to most riders, let alone the money saved on a hydraulic tech. We feel this is an impressive entry and has quickly become our favorite cable-actuated dropper.

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  • Cable actuated stealth dropper post with air/hydraulic cartridge system
  • Very serviceable, replaceable cartridge is a one-piece design
  • Rebuildable seal-head, serviceable/replaceable keys and bushings
  • Infinite travel over 120mm
  • Assembled lever on Shimano I-spec II or via standard clamp
  • Horizontal lever set-up
  • AL-7000 series shaft and cylinder construction
  • Cable actuated mechanism uses Shimano's Optislick wires and housing
  • Zero offset saddle clamp, with single bolt adjustment
  • Total length: 400mm
  • Diameter options: 30.9mm or 31.6mm
  • Weight: Approx 623 grams, depending on size, cable assembly, remote lever
  • Select lever mount type, head offset, and post diameter
  • Finish: Anodized Black
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