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Road Handlebar Tape

PRO Race Comfort Handlebar Tape

Putting together your PRO cockpit has been a pleasant experience. The Vibe bar, stem and seatpost, the Turnix Carbon Saddle; it all just works perfectly together and pull together the build. So how do finish it off? With PRO handlebar tape, of course. If you live in a region with regular rainfall or high humidity, or you just have sweaty hands, we suggest the PRO Race Comfort, a 2.5mm thick tape that has amazing grip in dry or wet conditions, as well as just enough cushion to save your hands and wrists from that infernal road vibration that can sap your strength, and even your will, long before your legs give out. Perfect for road, cross, adventure or gravel, PRO's lightweight Race Comfort Handlebar Tape gets the job done.

The material blend of a polyurethane outer layer and a microfiber inner layer offers just enough stretch for tight, clean wraps on any bar shape, and uses tacky, but not gooey or glue-like silicone adhesive backing. This allows you wrap and re-wrap as necessary. The textured finish of the material assists the PU with grip- especially when wet, while the material itself is durable and easy to clean. At just 90 grams for the set, the Race Comfort tape offers tremendous protection and longevity without compromising road feel or grip. If you are a super minimalist bar-wrapper, this is not the tape for you, but if you prefer an ideal balance of grip, comfort, and control for just about any drop bar bike, it is hard to beat PRO's Race Comfort Handlebar Tape.


  • 2.5mm thickness handlebar tape with firm but comfortable feel, excellent wet/dry grip
  • Polyurethane outer layer is water resistant, features a textured pattern
  • Microfiber inner layer absorbs impact and vibration, adds mild cushion
  • Smart silicone adhesive back allows for clean and easy wrap, re-wrap, replacement
  • Extra grippy for all conditions, making it ideal for cross, adventure, gravel, all-road
  • Long enough for 1 full handlebar up to 46cm C-C
  • Pair of end caps included
  • Colors: Blue, Red, White, Black
  • Weight: 90 grams