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Road Handlebar Tape

PRO Reflective Control Handlebar Tape


Bicycle safety is no joke, and riders who regularly ride before the sun comes up, or after it starts to go down generally opt for lights and/or reflective clothing or other items. PRO has another option for you, and it just might make so much sense, you never use another handlebar tape. The PRO Reflective Control Handlebar Tape is perfect for commuters or those who must train in the dark. Having an essential bike component that offers at least 180° of no-batteries or jackets required reflectivity is ideal, and smart.

The tape itself is a 2.5mm thick, 2-layer construction. A microfiber material provides the base, offering cushion without sacrificing tactile control. The outer layer is a lightly textured synthetic that offers grip and carries a reflective band (tip: leave the reflective edge exposed for best results). PRO uses a silicone base adhesive on the backing that allows you to wrap and re-wrap without destroying the tape or leaving sticky residue on the finished side or bars. The tape is also easy to clean, has a great feel in all road and weather conditions, while offering comfort without bulk. Plus, when wrapped correctly, you get free reflectivity all night and day, every time you ride. Stay safe and in control with PRO Reflective Control Handlebar Tape


  • 2.5mm thickness handlebar tape with firm but comfortable feel, reflective edge
  • Synthetic outer layer is water resistant, features a mild textured surface
  • Microfiber inner layer absorbs impact and vibration, adds mild cushion
  • Smart silicone adhesive back allows for clean and easy wrap, re-wrap, replacement
  • A perfect tape option for bike commuters, those who train at the edge of darkness
  • Long enough for 1 full handlebar up to 46cm C-C
  • Pair of end caps included
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 102 grams