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Road Saddles

PRO Stealth Carbon Saddle

Dominating a race from the front is less taxing on a carbon rail, breakaway informed saddle. Saddles are truly a personal choice, and for cyclists who are both strong and flexible enough to ride in an aggressive position for long periods of time, two things stand out. The first is that these are the riders who everyone must chase after solo breakaway attempts. The second is that when you rotate your pelvis that far, it brings more soft tissue into play while changing the contact points of your sit bone structure, essentially making them wider. As such, a moderate or wider saddle than a 130mm race version may be called for, and the relief channel can be larger and more effective. In other words, the saddle shouldn't be your limitation, but a partner in your aggressive posture. The PRO Stealth Carbonsaddle was designed for such cyclists, and while it may seem ultra-specific, imagine if more comfort was the sole reason why you can't stay away despite your best efforts.

This Stealth Carbon Saddle has 7x9mm oval carbon to shave weight and mitigate road vibration, a PU cover reduce friction that reduces friction throughout the pedal stroke, and a large anatomic recess channel to reduce pressure in the deep, aggressive riding position. Available in 142 and 152mm widths, the Stealth Carbon delivers power and efficiency from it's stiff and lightweight, carbon reinforced polymer that is in-molded during construction. This shell is augmented by lightweight EVA foam that eases the pressure points without feeling soft or squishy. At 255 long, with a wide nose for control and support, and a diamond-style tail that provides both a great stable base for leverage power and reasonable support/fit while the cyclist is sitting up. You get enough room to slide forward, but otherwise, the platform is all about pedaling power while you are deep in the drops.

The Stealth Carbon Saddle was developed by PRO in conjunction with Shimano-family member Bikefitting.com, which has decades of experience and data from working with cyclists of all levels, especially Europe-based pro cyclists. Historically, breakaway specialists in the pro ranks made several equipment changes or adjustments before a race or stage where a long breakaway was not only feasible, but in coordination with overall race strategy, had a good chance to stay away. Riders such as Jacky Durand, Jens Voigt, Sylvain Chavenel and Laurence Jalabert frequently opted for super long stems, and moved their saddles forward to achieve a longer, lower, more powerful position on such promising days. The Stealth Carbon Saddle gives you many benefits that suit such an attempt, and it is a good thing, as there just aren't many 140-150mm stems made anymore!


  • Lightweight road saddle optimized for deep, aggressive riding position
  • Large anatomic recess area to reduce pressure in a deep riding position
  • Smooth PU cover material to minimize friction with cycling shorts
  • Stiff, lightweight carbon reinforced polymer in-molded shell construction
  • Lightweight EVA padding for optimal support and comfort
  • Integrates directly with PRO accessories camera mount, fender, etc
  • Wider, padded nose for greater comfort and stability
  • Recessed area features thru ventilation, reinforced structure
  • 7mm x 9mm oval hollow carbon rails
  • Length: 255mm
  • Width options: 142, 152mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 172g (142mm), 179g (252mm)