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Road Saddles

PRO Turnix Performance Saddle

The update PRO Turnix Performance Saddle represents an effective compromise for cyclists who like the lift and platform of a pure, flat anatomic saddle shape, but prefer a little more contact area from a semi-curved design. With the Turnix Performance, you get the support and the stiff pedaling platform, but a shape that may be more comfortable and allow for a semi-upright or neutral riding position. Frankly, this position describes the vast majority of cyclists who don't race, but still have flexibility to get down when they need to. The only real difference from the Team to the Performance level are the saddle rails, which are Stainless Steel on the Performance.

PRO has updated their saddle line-up with a ne approach, called Evolved Ergonomics, which places greater emphasis on riding position in combination with effective saddle width and more appropriate rider contact zones including the saddle top, sides, and rear shaping. As with all saddle systems, the application of theory to actual build is still contingent on rider fit and comfort. Evolved Ergonomics becomes a guide for saddle selection, not a prescription. As such the new Turnix saddle design is optimized for road or allroad use. The curved side profile and a semi-round rear profile gives you a more balanced pressure distribution. Available in 132mm, 142mm, and 152mm widths, the Turnix Performance is the high-grade model, with all the materials and construction you'd expect.

The Turnix performance is built with a reinforced carbon shell that maintains it's shape and stiffness over long use for a consistent pedaling platform. It is carried by 7x7 round Stainless Steel rails with a black INOX coating. These rails are strong and durable have some give to them, adding some comfort from mild road impacts, yet are resilient over time, save you serious money over carbon rails, and work with all standard seatpost clamp types. PRO is using a Superlight EVA foam padding for the direct connection the rider, and though the application is thin, it offers an ideal blend of support and comfort while taking the edge off impacts. A PU cover proves the durability of the synthetic polyurethane, as it wears slowly, is waterproof and offers a mild tackiness for grip to hold your riding position.

The semi-rounded top section offers a full length relief channel that is wider in the perineal zone for immediate pressure relief. As the rider sits back into the tail section with hips rotated forward (picture riding in the drops), the saddle platform lifts the sitbone structure, keeping weight off soft tissue, while the channel eliminates nerve pressure as well as allowing air flow from underneath that help to reduce moisture and heat build-up from high exertion. The three width sizes are based on the effective width of the tail and you choose the width that more closely matches previous saddles or a pressure measurement.


  • New Turnix saddle design optimal for riders with good flexibility who prefer greater saddle to body support in neutral to semi-aggressive dominant riding positions
  • Performance-level has all the same design and construction features of the Team, with more cost effective Stainless Steel rails over the carbon used on the Team
  • Features PRO's Evolved Ergonomics design approach for better fit & design application
  • Curved side profile and a semi-round rear profile for riders who prefer a more balanced pressure distribution
  • Semi curved surface provides wider contact zone per size, with full length relief, open center section
  • In-molded Carbon Base with reinforced carbon structure offers support, consistency for long-term, stable and powerful pedaling platform
  • Superlight EVA Padding offers great support and comfort in thinner application
  • Durable PU Cover resists wear and tear, is waterproof, offers some tackiness
  • 7x7mm INOX Stainless Steel offer some give, but are super strong, resilient over time
  • Compatible with all PRO Saddle Accessories
  • Width options: 132mm, 142mm, 152mm
  • Color: Black>
  • Weight: tbd