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PRO's components are known for their reliability and innovation and the PRO Vibe Alloy Seatpost is a perfect example. Made with AL 2014 alloy via a 3D forging process, the Vibe Alloy was designed to be laterally stiff, with a measure of vertical give that while not equating with it's carbon siblings, is more comfortable to ride than most aluminum posts. With it's sharp looks and durable performance, this excellent alloy seatpost still adds innovation and sharp graphic design to complete the total package.

The innovation truly comes with the single bolt seatpost head. It's alloy and composite components are utterly reliable, and the 13Nm torque spec is testimony to the durability and quality of the component pieces. Designed for safely and effectively securing 7mm round saddle rails, the clamping system allows you to loosely setup the saddle, then rotate to find the your saddle angle. Tighten, confrim 13Nm with a torque wrench and you are done.

The black finish of the Vibe Alloy Seatpost is a matte-like black anodization with a glossy Vibe graphic design that demonstrates a nice contrast that will go with any frame color or finish type. We are offering the post in 27.2mm and 31.6mm diameters, in both zero and 20mm offset models, all with a 350mm length. Ride in style, with confidence and a perfect saddle position with PRO. Return to Top


  • Lightweight alloy seatpost, easy to set-up and adjust
  • 3D forged AL-2014 construction allows for stiffness and comfort
  • Innovative 1-bolt clamping system
  • 13Nm torque specification on clamping bolt
  • Clear minimum insertion and height marking system
  • Designed for 7mm round saddle rails
  • Diameters: 27.2, 31.6 mm
  • Offset: Zero, 20mm
  • Length: 350mm
  • Finish: Anodized Black w/gloss complement
  • Weight: 234 grams (27.2mm Zero)
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