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Road Handlebars

PRO Vibe Carbon Handlebar

"The new PRO Vibe handlebar is the result of a unique collaboration between professional riders and experienced engineers. It’s built to meet cycling’s highest demands using state of the art technology". The concept of Co-Creation drives the development of PRO's excellent bike components, and leads them to make direct statements like the lead of this paragraph. High quality, properly designed and engineered carbon bars, such as the Vibe Carbon Handlebar, are well know for their light weight, stiffness under extreme load, as well as the ability to defeat vibration and mitigate energy-depleting road noise and impact. The incredible strength and PRO's advanced knowledge of UD carbon construction affords the Shimano brand the opportunity to add shapes and features that fully integrate with Shimano's road mechanical and electronic Di2 actuated shifting systems.

PRO has added incredibly clean internal, integrated shift (cable/Di2) and brake housing routing while actually strengthening the bar overall by adding a special layer of INNEGRA™ fiber inserts in the layup of the shoulder curves of the bar. The woven fiber sections add strength to the highest stress areas of the bar- where the integrated routing just happens to take place. Used heavily in airplane manufacture and now spreading throughout the sports and recreation world, INNEGRA's technology allow for incredible advances in durability, impact resistance, inherent and torsional strength, and all without adding bulk of much weight.

Pro cyclists, and thus PRO itself, are obsessed with small details. Pro team mechanics love to give input as well. The overall shape of the bar is more aerodynamic than the previous version, and evens the area covered by handlebar tape is considered. The shoulder curves are perfectly shaped for control when you back off the hoods, and the same anatomic cues informs the radii of the drop curves. You can set your levers up dead level at the tops, control and drive your bike from the drops, and easily reach your brake levers from tops or drops. The official reach is 80mm, while the drop is 130mm, placing the Vibe Carbon squarely in the "compact" designation, with a rounded, though still anatomic feel.

The UD carbon/INNEGRA Inside construction combination deftly handles the harshest rider inputs and road surfaces. The oversized top section carries the 31.8mm diameter out from the center to the start of the shoulder curves, which only increases stiffness yet gives the fibers within the layup more distance to mitigate vibration. The stem and lever mounting zones are given a textured surface to minimize the desire to over-tighten components that could slip at correct torque without the additional friction. Set-up markings are perfectly placed, as well as clear and precise. Details, Details, Details.

PRO measures their bars center to center at the drops. The drop curves do not flare, yet the rounded corners allow for hard-charging sprints from the drops with no wrist to bar interaction. Whether you run Di2 or cable-actuated shifting, the PRO Vibe Carbon Handlebar sets-up cleanly, and easily. While every cyclist has preferences, PRO might just overwhelm you with incredible features and performance, casting aside your ideas in favor of overall excellence. The Vibe Carbon is highly competitive with other highest-end carbon road handlebars, with much that sets it apart. The technology and construction alone are worth the price, never mind how those deliver features and functional high performance.


  • Stiff, lightweight carbon compact round handlebar with Di2 integration
  • UD carbon/INNEGRA Inside construction with long oversized top section
  • INNEGRA woven fiber inserts add incredible strength, at minimal weight
  • Integrated brake and shift cable housing routing (also for Shimano Di2)
  • Radius of drop curves perfect for lever set-up, brake lever reach
  • Shoulder curves offer control and wrist clearance from drops
  • Stem and lever mount areas have textured surface for non-slip grip
  • Reach: 80mm
  • Drop: 130mm
  • Handlebar diameter: 31.8mm
  • Widths: 40, 42, 44 cm (center-center at bar end)
  • Finish: UD Carbon Black, with Stealth logos)
  • Weight: 220 grams (40cm)