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Road Stems

PRO Vibe Stem

The VIbe Stem from PRO has been highly popular with the cycling public and pro cyclists alike for three reasons. The first is torsional stiffness. The second is durable, reliable construction (never to be take for granted), and the third is the overall aesthetic PRO delivers. Redesigned- with a new faceplate design, titanium hardware, Di2 integration, and an integrated topcap system, the PRO Vibe Stem looks even cleaner, slightly meaner, and still carries the same favored features forward. And for those cyclists looking to dress up their Di2 equipped bikes, the integration with PRO's handlebars is truly welcome.

The essence of the Vibe Stem comes from the V-shaped structure. Built for incredible torsional stiffness and control, the alloy AL-7075 construction is distinctive. The central body flows smoothly into both the faceplate zone and steerer tube mount for a clean, aerodynamic look and feel. While many cyclists loved the "puzzle-piece" faceplate of the previous version, the bold new faceplate is even stouter, and now attaches from the rear- not the front, which enlarges the cleanly machined V on the plate. Unlike most other brands that opted for a rear-fastening system, PRO has angled the approach holes for much easier access, and uses standard hex bolts, though made of titanium, to deliver easier serviceability. No doubt Team Sky's cycling team mechanics played a role in ensuring this.

Di2 integration means E-Tube routing made easier. Best paired with a Di2 integrated bar, but also compatible with those that aren't, the Vibe Stem has a hollow central section for front to rear routing, including a recessed notch behind the lower faceplate for non-Di2 bars. PRO made better aerodynamics (through cable routing and overall design) a priority, so the smooth faceplate, sculpted stem body and the new dedicated headset topcap have all been developed for smoother airflow and less drag through this normally "noisy" zone.

PRO balances features and aesthetics with true performance and reliability, just as you would expect from a Shimano owned and partnered brand. With constant and direct input from sponsored pro cyclists and their mechanics, as well as a dedicated team of product engineers, PRO delivers components riders can trust- at the highest levels of the sport in the most extreme conditions. While weight is always factored in, strength performance and safety are always put first. As such, it is rare a PRO component will be the lightest in its class. Has that held back Chris Froome and Team Sky? No. And it won't hold you back either.


  • V-shaped road stem with incredible stiffness, clean style, and reliability
  • Co-created with input from engineers, cyclists, mechanics, and more
  • Di2 integration helps improve aerodynamics, ensures a clean cockpit
  • New faceplate design is smoother, with rear mounted bolts
  • Titanium hex bolt hardware, all with 5Nm torque specification
  • Integrated, dedicated aero topcap design
  • Torque and other specs clearly marked
  • Handlebar diameter: 31.8mm
  • Steerer tube diameter: 1⅛"
  • Angle: -10°
  • Sizes: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm
  • Finish: Anodized Black with Stealth graphics (machined V face plate)
  • Weight: 143 gram (100mm, w/o top cap)