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Mountain Bottom Brackets

From the CNC machines at Race Face comes this Cinch PF30 Bottom Bracket. The cups are precisely created for the quietist fit and use possible, so we hope your frame has been as well. The Cinch crank systems use 30mm spindles, and this version of the compatible bottom bracket works with PF30 frame bottom bracket shells with a 46mm internal diameter.

Race Face equips this bottom bracket with 6086 retainer bearings packed with waterproof grease, and wiper seals. A plastic insert sits between the two cups when installed, which eliminates water infiltration from within the seattube and BB shell. Exterior bearing covers protect from the outside, and Race Face also includes two 2.5mm spacers so you can find the perfect fit on frames with 68mm or 73mm shells.

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  • PF30 for precise fit, smooth-rolling operation, long-living performance in a high quality bottom bracket
  • Designed for 30mm spindles used with Cinch cranksets
  • Employs reliable 6806 retainer bearings packed with waterproof grease along with wiper seals
  • CNC machined 30mm alloy cups of this bottom bracket provide an exact, perfect quiet fit
  • Has inner plastic sleeve to keep the elements out
  • Includes appropriate spacers to ensure a perfect fit, exterior bearing covers
  • For frames with PF30 type 46mm ID bottom bracket shell
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 106 grams
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