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Ray Ban Justin

To consider any style of Ray Ban glasses with a cool shape and design, one must always compare them to the original Wayfarer shape, which of course inspired it's siblings. The Justin Classic design is a little more square in the lens shape, and overall, but with a set of subtle curves that convey confidence, strength, and a playfulness all at the same time. The nylon frames are available in standard gloss black or with a light rubber coating that offers grip, feel, and distinction. The generalized lens shape is a rectangle, with the options we are carrying each having a 55mm width. The nose bridge is 16mm, while the temple arm length is a 145mm. Favoring medium width faces, with an average width nose, and a somewhat deep set to the ears, the Justin Classic is a great choice for dress, play, pool, driving, or the beach.

The frame and mostly straight, bold arms are made from a lightweight, strong, and resilient nylon material with a pronounced curve down and slightly inward for comfort, stable fit. Each front temple zone is graced with the classic silver Ray Ban logo, and the sizing and model details are featured on the inside of the arms. The hinge system is exposed, with a pure mechanical look and superior function. Made in Italy, the Justin Classic shows it's qualities in subtle, sharp ways.

The Justin Classic is offered here in two frame options, each of which has a specific lens color. First is the smooth Black frame with the Green Classic lens. By absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light, the green color Classic lenses lenses ensure remarkable color contrast and provide a “natural vision” because they transmit colors as they are, without any modifications. These lenses are easy on the eyes and those that struggle with lenses that seek to enhance color will immediately notice the difference.

The second option is the Black Rubber frame version, featuring the Polarized Blue Classic lenses. Again, as a Classic lens, these work by absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light. Classic lenses provide a “natural vision” because they transmit colors as they are, without any modifications. in adding polarization, Ray Ban drastically reduces the brightness of shiny surfaces, like chrome, and large bodies of water. Polarized lenses reduce reflections and enhance contrast, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain. Both the Green Classic and Blue Classic Polarized lenses are more versatile than you'd think, effective in high sun or mixed conditions, with the polarized option offering distinct glare protection from water, glass or surface reflections.


  • Cool frame, lens design inspired by Wayfarer but with squarer rectangle lens shape
  • Not a sport glass, but a sporty feel, with a confident and playful overall effect
  • Lightweight, strong, resilient nylon frames and arms
  • Temple arms are long with down and inward ear shaping
  • Dual lenses are rectangular in shape, with great width coverage
  • The nose bridge offers mild hold and grip
  • Ray Ban logos on outside of temple arms, specs on inside, logos on lenses
  • Sizing: Lenses 55mm wide, Nose bridge 16mm, Temple arms 145mm
  • Great clarity and 100% UV protection
  • Includes: case, lens cloth
  • Options:
    • Black Frame with Classic Green 55mm lenses
    • Black Rubberized Frame with Classic Blue Polarized 55mm lenses
  • Made in Italy