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Road Rims - Clincher

Reserve is a company committed to creating the best carbon rims for mountain, gravel and road cycling. Started by engineers from Santa Cruz, then buttressed through a professional partnership with Cervelo, the team at Reserve has built a reputation for exceptional strength, resilience, and physical characteristics, including tubeless read excellence and impressive aerodynamics. From day one of rim sales Reserve has backed their carbon rims with a lifetime warranty, which is the ultimate indicator of belief in the product and the desire to back it up.

The Reserve 37mm Carbon rim was created for the rear wheel in the Reserve 34|37 Wheelset road disc brake concept, which employs a shallower, wider front wheel for greater stability and control, along with a taller, narrower rear wheel for better aerodynamics, speed, and power transfer. With CFD and wind tunnel development, in conjunction with expertise from Cervelo, pro cycling specific requirements and proper aerodynamic considerations and applications were applied to maximize the conceptual purpose of the 34|37 wheelset as a great all-rounder, especially on hilly or mountainous terrain where lighter, more responsive wheels that still carry an aero advantage ensure rapid ascents, fast and safe descents, and the ability to carry speed at all times in a group or solo riding situation.

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  • Carbon road, 37mm deep road / endurance road rim for Tubeless|Clincher use, disc brake only
  • Developed as a rear rim for a Reserve 34|37 wheelset pairing- wider and lower profile front wheel than rear
  • Designed for all-around riding and climbing
  • Internal rim width: 21.6mm | External rim width: 28.8mm
  • Offset: Zero (symmetrical rim shape)
  • Spoke hole count: 24
  • Tire size: 700c (25-40mm recommended tire width range)
  • Lifetime Warranty (for riding-specific failure, crash replacement discount policy for purely accidental damage not related to quality or manufacturing)
  • Finish: Carbon
  • Weight: 379 grams
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