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Wheels Road Disc Wheels - Carbon

Time trialists in the market for a rear aero disc wheel with a complementary front wheel for disc brake framesets, should take a careful look at the Reserve 77 | Infinity Disc DT240 Carbon Wheelset. Ridden to incredible speeds and podium placements under the riders of Cervelo sponsored Jumbo-Visma, this an efficient and fast aero combination developed for racing against the clock. Both wheels feature a 22mm internal rim width that can be optimized for 25-28mm tires with the rim widths and shapes. A 77mm front features a stable foot print for as much stability as possible, aided by the rim shaping, which seeks to maximize it's relationship to head airflow and winds at yaw angle. The rear Infinity Disc is a full disc, but you can see the torus shaping out by the rim bed and shaping like a dinner plate inward then outward towards the hub. Both front and rear areas of the rim feature leading and trailing edges over the more elliptical toroidal shape, which creates proper turbulence and relationship between the oncoming airflow to maximize that airflow and pressure into a laminar push effect on the back half of the toroid and more efficiency overall with the airflow close to the center of the wheel as it powers forward.

As a wheelset, essentially the mixed depth front and rear of the 77|Infinity Disc is designed to provide a perfect balance between stability and aerodynamics. A lower profile front reduces reaction to cross winds, while the disc minimizes drag. Cervelo and Reserve combine their aero and carbon rim creation expertise, respectively, to create the ideal combination. Reserve’s engineering team has decades of experience in composites engineering, aerodynamics, and high-performance bicycle design. This group knows what strength and impact resistance means for a mountain bike and a mountain bike wheel, and have spent countless hours seeing how CFD and wind tunnel testing translate into real world road riding. They approach every rim we make with a specific problem to solve, and believe the solutions speak for themselves as tested in the wind tunnel, on the trail, and in the breakaway. What does Cervelo bring to the process. First, and foremost, that faster with fewer watts is the name of the game. It's a game of research and numbers. Follow the numbers, validate in the tunnel, rinse and repeat until you can validate your work. As it turns out, the process of making a wheel incredibly fast is pretty close to how you can engineer a frameset make a bike incredibly fast. Fortunately, the engineers at Cervelo have been doing that since day 1. By utilizing the knowledge gained from decades of this work developing some of the most aero bikes on the market, as well as testing countess frame tube shapes and how frames and wheels work together, the two teams merged and refined their expertise. The end result? Aerodynamically sound and efficient rim designs that perform at high levels consistently in the tunnel and real world exemplifying the perfect marriage between speed, compliance, and durability.

Both the 77 Front and Infinity Disc rear wheels are disc-brake only, with the Infinity Disc featuring bonded-in DT Swiss 240 CL rear hub, and the 77 having a a traditional hub, spoke, lacing system on a standard straightpull flange 240 CL front hub. These DT hubs are famous for ultra-precise steel bearings for smooth, efficient use over a long life, while being among the easiest to service, and upgrade both the bearings and DT EXP ratchet engagement system. The hubset is designed for 12/100mm front and 12/142mm rear thru-axle use, as well as Center Lock disc rotors.

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  • Deep section front, aero disc rear time trial carbon wheelset optimized for efficient speed, stability and control in the race against the clock
  • Collaboration between Cervelo and Reserve ensures a perfect marriage between speed, compliance, and durability
  • Turbulent Aero- unique R&D program that leverages real-world wind data to create the most rapid, stable, and best-handling wheels in real-world riding conditions
  • Rim widths: Front 22mm IRW, 31mm ERW / Rear 22mm IRW, 30mm ERW
  • Rim spec: full carbon, Tubeless Ready hooked bead / optimized for 700x25-28mm tires
  • Front wheel features a 77mm profile and semi-toroidal shape
  • Rear disc wheel features an elliptical torus shape towards the rim bed, with a narrower shaped zone towards the hub
  • Hubset: DT 240 CL; 24h front, straightpull CX-Ray spokes; Bonded rear hub w/ EXP ratchet
  • Hub spacing/type: 12/100mm front, 12/142mm rear / thru-axle
  • Disc rotor interface: Center Lock
  • Includes: tubeless valves, tubeless tape
  • Freehub body: Shimano HG 11/12
  • FInish: Satin carbon
  • Weight: 1915 grams (set)
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