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Road Brake Pads

Reynolds Cryo-Blue Brake Pads

Reynold's has developed multiple carbon rim braking technologies over the years. Prior to the release of rims and wheels that feature CTg brake tracks, these standard Cryo-Blue Brake Pads were the optimal stoppers for Reynolds rims designs with embedded scrim technology. The Cryo-Blue pads have a fairly soft rubber compound that delivers excellent braking power in wet or dry conditions. While the pads may wear more quickly than a SwissStop Yellow King, the power and feel with Cryo-Blue pads are noticeably better, making them ideal for key training sessions and event days.

Reynolds packages these pads as a set of four, and they are available for Shimano/SRAM brake pad holders, or Campagnolo. If you are running pre- CTg Reynolds carbon rims or wheels and looking for better power and control while braking, the Cryo-Blue Brake Pads are the best choice. For those with the hybrid carbon-fiber laminate CTg brake tracks, check out the Power Cryo-Blue pads, which were specifically engineered for optimal braking with that system.


  • Reynolds specific brake pad rubber compound for pre-CTg carbon rims and wheels
  • Improves power/modulation on Reynolds carbon rims versus other carbon options
  • Softer compound with three vertical heat dissipation grooves
  • Set of four pads (for both front and rear replacement)
  • Options: Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo (pad holder type)
  • Color: Blue