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The silver Ritchey Classic EvoCurve Handlebar features an upper section with a 4° rearward sweep from outside the 100mm center section to offer a slightly more ergonomic feel on the tops and for the hand/wrist direction to the levers. The Double Radius curve style drops are a decreasing radius bend or curve, which falls somewhere between a round and anatomic bend and profile. It allows for a true anatomic fit that is achieved without specific bends, so hand positions in the drops are infinite and comfortable in infinite set-ups. The actual drop length is 128mm, so it considered a compact drop length. The same can be said for the 83mm reach, which is just at the outside range of today's compact bars.

Bar construction for the Classic EvoCurve comes from resilient, double-butted 6061 aluminum alloy. The finish is the Classic-series HP Silver, which offers a distinctive look and matches any of the Classic components . The 100mm long, 31.8mm diameter center section is aerobar compatible. Also note that this bar has a 2° outward flare at the drops, to mitigate the backsweep angle in while sprinting or tucked down with your hands towards the end of the drops.

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  • Classic series silver compact alloy handlebar with decreasing radius bend and 4mm backsweep for a more ergonomic set-up with varying positions
  • Extruded from 6061 aluminum alloy, double butted for strength and resilience
  • 4° back sweep to drop curves of off 31.8mm diameter 100mm wide center section, which is aerobar compatible
  • 2° outward flare at end of drops
  • Spec: Reach 83mm, Drop 128mm
  • Stem clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Sizes: 40, 42, 44 cm (measured center to center at lever mount zone)
  • Finish: HP Silver
  • Weight: 315 grams (42cm)
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