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If you own Ritchey's WCS Echelon Carbon Pedals and require new cleats, the company offers two options, Red, which offers 7 degrees of angular float, or the Black, which is a zero float, or fixed, option. These road pedal cleats are similar in design to a Look Keo, but not an exact match.

You get a pair of the cleats, along with 6 oval stainless washers and 6 bolts for installation. The flat crown bolts feature a 4mm hex interface for easier install. We recommend you use bearing grease on the screws when installing, and follow the torque specs of both the cleats and the receivers within in the sole. It is best to ride them once or twice, then check the torque again. Once retorqued the screws are generally safe. A pro tip is check your shoes and cleats for damage or wear every time you clean your bike or check your chain for stretch.

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  • Replacement cleats for Ritchey Carbon Road Pedals
  • Composite cleats are sold as a pair and have the hardware required for installation
  • Two options
    • Red: 7 degrees of angular float
    • Black: Zero degree (fixed)
  • Includes: 6 oval washers, 6 flat crown bolts (4mm hex interface)
  • Options: Red, Black
  • Note:These are compatible with the carbon body Echelon only, not the alloy version
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