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The Speedmax tire design from Ritchey has withstood the test of time and is one of the best on-off road tires ever sold. It is only fitting that as gravel and adventure riders have rediscovered this great tread pattern that Ritchey would release it in a 700x40 Tubeless Ready model. The WCS Speedmax Tubeless Tire is a great all-around directional tire, with low rolling resistance for a treaded tire, great corner-edge grip and traction, all enhanced by the lower pressures afforded by the tubeless ready tire and rim systems. This design actually performs well in shallow mud, grabbing and shedding with ease.

Ritchey developed their own system for tread pattern and design using Vector Force Analysis. You will see the directional lugs and treads shaped in triangles. You get the forward speed and low resistance of a smoother tire but grip and traction of a more aggressive version, without sacrificing cornering performance, even on smooth pavement. As a long-time Ritchey dealer, we can fully appreciate the history and renewed relevance of this venerable road/cross tire. We hope you will experience it afresh, as it's 40mm size just might be the perfect size and volume for the WCS Speedmax design.

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  • Classic cross tire re-imagined as 40mm gravel/adventure tubeless ready model
  • 120 tpi casing with remarkable ride quality and low rolling resistance, dual compound rubber for grip and durability
  • Rolls fast, hooks up on hardpack, powers through shallow mud or sand
  • Excellent mud clearing capability
  • Diamond pattern center with Vector Force Analysis (VFA) baffles
  • Ritchey Stronghold casing, Kevlar bead for tubeless ready hold and seal
  • All-rounder tire is the perfect choice for all-terrain exploration
  • Sizes: 700x40
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 531 grams
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