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Mountain Handlebar Grips

Ritchey Superlogic Grips

The successor to the WCS foam race grips, the Ritchey Superlogic Grips fully exploit the lightweight density of the nanofoam material. All excess material has been carved away, leaving a hexagonal shape and a mere 10 grams (for the set!) of material in a functional, comfortable XC-race type grip. The dense foam has an almost tacky feel for sure grip, even when hands and gloves are sweaty, and is plush enough to damp vibration and impact. The tactile bar control that many XC riders rely on for carrying speed without loss of control is here.

Will these grips hold up for a season of use- of course not. Yet the Superlogic Grips are much more durable than you'd expect. The 128 gram length is shorter than most grips, again with the design favoring XC race use particularly for riders who run bar ends. Ritchey recommends these grips be installed dry, with compressed air. Don't use any of the tricks you use with silicone grips, and don't use an adhesive. Simply clean the bar with alcohol and allow it to dry. Then use a compressor with a rubber fitment to protect the grip and handlebar. Always use endcaps to protect your handlebar.


  • Super light foam mountain bike grips ideal for XC race or minimalist trail use
  • Dense, light nanofoam is used to produce the lightest functional grips available
  • Excess material is carved off to create hexagonal shape
  • Excellent vibration and impact damping from plush, grippy nanofoam material
  • Install dry, on a clean handlebar, with air; do not use adhesive or wet application
  • Length: 128mm
  • Slim design, hexagonal shape
  • Includes grips and endcaps
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10 grams/set