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Feeling warm and fuzzy about your Ritchey bike? Still remember the days of dominance with Thomas Frischknecht and Ritchey stripes? Can't show enough love for the groundbreaking design and innovation that drives Ritchey through the current day? Looking for a limited edition 50th Anniversary Tome Ritchey Bobble Head to grace your workspace?

We have the perfect solution for you! Your very own Ritchey Bobble Head with a 50th Anniversary scheme! Now you can truly geek out for your cycling friends and draw stares of "wonder" from everyone else. Keep it on your desk at work, on the dashboard of the event van, or just mount it in a prominent place in your home. Don't worry, your family won't mind. Everybody loves Tom Ritchey, and welding glasses just make for a good look.

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  • An official Tom Ritchey bobble head doll
  • No, seriously!
  • Ritchey 50th Anniversary limited edition- get'em while you can!
  • Weight: Steel is real, baby; and this bobble head has some weight to it
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