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The WCS Carbon EvoCurve Handlebar shares the same UD carbon monocoque carbon construction of the WCS Carbon Curve, but has some important differences in set-up and design. The changes for 2021 includes an updated logo and internal routing for Di2 e-Tube wires. The drops still carry the decreasing radius bend or curve, which falls somewhere between a round and anatomic bend and profile. It allows for truly flexible hand positions that are achieved without specific bends, so hand positions in the drops are infinite and comfortable in any position. What makes this bar the Evo design is the 5 degree backsweep that comes off the 100mm wide center section, which brings your hands back a smidge and offers a different wrist direction to the lever. The set-up of the lever itself off the bar is still the same, but the angle of approach is different. You still get the smooth bar to lever body transition with all of today's shift/brake lever designs.

The WCS Carbon EvoCurve bars are built as a monocoque construction from unidirectional carbon fiber. Indented grooves from the curve into the wider top section the bars accommodate your housing runs. Simple graphics with measure marks are placed around the shifter and stem clamping area, with added texture for friction. The 100mm wide 31.8mm clamp diameter zone can also handle aerobars. The WCS Carbon EvoCurve is available in 38cm-44cm widths measured at the lever mount zone. Please know that the 38cm bar has different Reach/Drop dimensions than the 40-44 cm versions- as listed below. Also note that this bar has a 2° outward flare at the drops, to mitigate the backsweep angle in while sprinting or tucked down with your hands towards the end of the drops.

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  • Monocoque carbon fiber Evo compact road handlebar with decreasing radius drop, backsweep, and slight outward flare at drop ends
  • Made with UD carbon for light weight, strength, stiffness, vibration damping
  • Truly infinite comfortable hand positions in drop with easy reach to levers
  • 5 degree backsweep off of 100mm wide center section
  • Current shift/brake body designs set-up cleanly, as flat as desired
  • Textured and marked stem and lever shifting clamping zones
  • Internal routing for Di2 wiring and compatible hole for bar-end EW-RS910 junction
  • Relief groove for housing from curve to wider section of bar
  • Center section features 100mm wide constant diameter for aerobar compatibility
  • Fits 31.8mm stem clamp diameter
  • Reach/Drop variation based on size
  • Size 38cm: Reach 75mm, Drop 130mm
  • Sizes 40, 42, 44: Reach 80mm, Drop 130mm
  • Measured center to center at lever mount zone
  • 2 degree outward flare at end of drops
  • Sizes: 40, 42, 44 cm
  • Finish: Matte UD Carbon
  • Weight: 220 grams (42cm)
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