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Small Parts Hub

Ritchey WCS Front Hub Service Kit

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These service kits for Ritchey front hubs contain the specific replacement bearings you will need should your wheel require them. The quality steel sealed cartridge bearings are specified at the same grade as the originals used in your specific Ritchey rear wheel.

We highly recommend only experienced shop or home mechanics with proper tools and knowledge remove or install bearings as damage to the hub interface will not be covered by warranty.


  • Bearing kits for servicing Ritchey front hubs
  • Denoted by bearing size and qty of each bearing provided (e.g. "x1")
  • Quality steel sealed cartridge bearings, same grade as original equipment
  • We recommend only experienced home or shop mechanics perform bearing replacement using proper tools
  • WCS Zeta II-Apex II Bearings: 699x2 (Ritchey# 55350007016)
  • Sold as a pack based on your selection