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Small Parts Hub

Ritchey wheels equipped with the Zeta rear hub feature a simple, interchangeable freehub system. This item is the WCS level SRAM XDR 12-speed road freehub, and is available for specific wheels (see below). Machined alloy construction, high quality sealed steel bearings, and a ratchet-type engagement system deliver the performance and excellence you expect from Rithcey's WCS- level components

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  • Freehub body for Ritchey Zeta rear hub
  • Designed for aluminum axle interface
  • Machined aluminum construction with sealed steel bearings
  • Silver axle washer, black endcap spacer included
  • Version: SRAM XDR (12-speed road for 10T small cog)
  • Options: 17mm axle/WCS Zeta, 15mm axle/Comp&Classic Zeta
  • Weight: 76g
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