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Mountain Tires - 26 inch

The Ritchey Z Max is what many consider as Tom Ritchey's opus in tire design. First introduced sometime in the mid-80s, this stalwart was the number one off-road tire choice for many riders for over a decade. While it has been slightly modified during its time, the basic design has stayed the same and is still a top seller in its respective category, which is a testament to just how good this tire performs.

The WCS version features dual compound softer sides enhance cornering, firmer center section rolls fast and is more durable, while the softer durameter trailing edge offers solid grip when the tire is rolled over in a corner. The tread lugs are spaced wider and shortened for faster handling, but are still spaced wide enough for mud shedding capacity and expulsion of rocks and trail debris.

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  • Classic design is still relevant
  • Dual compound tread
  • Proven Vector analysis tread pattern
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 45-60 psi inflation range
  • Offers traction and fast rolling with a round profile
  • 498 grams
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