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Wheels Road Disc Wheels - Aluminum

This latest generation Ritchey WCS Zeta Disc wheelset sees an upgrade from the venerable Phantom Flange hubset to the WCS Disc hubs. And like the Phantom before it, the more refined WCS Disc rear hub and OCR rim profile to work together and create a stiffer rear wheel that has an easily serviced and removable freehub body. This cohesive wheel design makes for a high performance wheelset that is also simple to break down for traveling or service due to the tool-free design and self-contained parts that compose the hub internals.

The WCS Zeta Disc ushers in both the WCS Disc hubset and the Zeta OCR tubeless ready rim with a now-standard 17mm internal rim width. The WCS hubs features a re-worked micro clutch engagement system that is self contained and does not have any small or loose parts that could be easily lost or misplaced. You can remove the axle and freehub for travel, creating an almost flat-pack rear wheel. Anyone who has ever packed a travel bike will understand how valuable space is, and how this immediately makes packing easier while reducing potential damage.

The cold-forged WCS-grade hub shells receive oversize alloy axles to ward off lateral flex provide ample an platform for the bearings. Both hubs have a star shaped flange to increase strength and reduce brake flex. These unique flanges also make for easier building and wheel service. Both hubs are simple to disassemble and service, as well as convert to Shimano or XD Driver. DT Swiss Competition 2.0/1.8mm butted spokes connect this clever hubset to the Zeta OCR rims. The wheelset has 24 spokes on each wheel and laced 2x all the way around.

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  • High quality WCS tubeless alloy rims
  • WCS Disc hubs with oversize alloy axles
  • DT Swiss Competition 2.0/1.8mm butted spokes with brass nipples
  • Rear OCR® design reduces dish to balance spoke tension for a stronger, stiffer wheel
  • 17mm internal rim width improves tire profile for a smoother ride, better handling & lateral stiffness
  • Staggered drive side flange increases spoke bracing angle and eliminates interference between crossing spokes
  • Shimano Center Lock compatible
  • 24 hole rims laced 2x
  • Tool-free design allows for quick dis-assembly of rear axle and freehub
  • Great for packing Break-Away travel bikes or replacing spokes
  • Easily convertible freehub body and axles for flexibility
  • BB Black finish
  • Weight: 1558 grams (735 gram front, 823 gram rear)
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