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Tools & Maintenance Lubricants & Oil

RockNRoll Cable Magic

Rock "N" Roll lubricants used to be thought of as a cult-like product, but with so many people in the know, can't be the case anymore. Using a lightweight, ultra-slick formula, Cable Magic was developed for use on cable and housing to reduce friction without gumming up the works, so to speak. Sold here in a 1oz bottle with an integrated tip applicator, Cable Magic goes a long way to ensuring your cable actuated shifting and braking are super smooth and resists moisture and contaminants.


  • Favorite cable lube of pro mechanics who love smooth cable actuated systems
  • Lightweight formula that won't gum up
  • Ideal for wet or dry regions, just clean up any excess
  • Apply direclty to cables and housing for optimal results
  • Size: 1oz bottle