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Rocky Mounts Lock Cores

Rocky Mounts Lock Cores are specific to the Colorado company's bike rack and fork mount systems. Lock cores from other manufacturers do not work- and vice versa. This 2-Pack comes keyed alike, with 2 keys and work with all current and past Rocky Mount products.

Each lock and key is coded so you can future proof your system if you require more locks. Spare keys are also available from Rocky Mounts if necessary. The cores are easily installed and removed. Use of a lubricant that will not build-up (such as wax or PTFE based product) can keep the cores functioning properly, especially if you live and play near salt water, or in an area where road salt is used for snow and ice management. It is a good practice to check your system periodically, and we recommend pulling and cleaning/lubing the cores at these intervals for best function and long term viability.


  • Pack of 2 Rocky Mount-specific lock cores
  • Works with all Rocky Mount products that accept lock cores
  • The 2 removable cores are keyed alike, with two keys supplied
  • Keys and cores are stamped with control number for replacement, ordering cores