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Rocky Mounts StreetRod Non-Locking Thru-Axle Adapter

So many of us have invested serious cash in quick-release compatible, fork mount bike carriers. And, like many cyclists, we ride mountain and road, with both standard QR and thru-axle systems. The solution for many riders is a simple adapter, that mounts directly into the fork mount and locks in place for use with thru-axle systems. With several common thru-axles sizes now in use, a modular design with several size options makes perfect sense. Enter the Rocky Mounts StreetRod, a Non-Locking Thru-Axle Adapter that is simple, elegant, wholly effective, and works with virtually every fork mount bike carrier every made.

The key to the StreetRod is the machined aluminum thru-axles sleeves. Each cylinder is made with a central ridge that slots into the top of the sturdy mount, and is held in place with 2 all set screws. Thus the sleeves won't spin, or fall out accidentally, but can be swapped out in less than a minute. The adapters come in 12/100mm, 15/100mm, and 15/110mm Boost versions, covering the commonly used thru-axle systems. The stout body that mounts into your fork mount carrier has a clean look and the safety tabs found on forks. Simply fit the proper adapter sleeve, mount it in rack, and mount your bike at the fork. Savvy users may mount the whole adapter on the bike first, then install on their rack. The StreetRod does not lock to the thru-axle, so use of cable lock with your bike and rack is required to keep your bike secure.


  • Simple adapter system for thru-axle equipped bikes when using standard QR fork mount bike carriers
  • Includes machined sleeve cylinder adapters for three common thru-axle sizes
  • Cast aluminum anodized mount block, machined aluminum adapter sleeves
  • Sleeve cylinders have ridge to prevent spin, lock in place with 2 set screws
  • Use sleeve for your thru-axle size: 12/100mm, 15/100mm, 15/110mm Boost
  • System has no locking feature; adapter body can lock-in if your fork mount locks
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Red, Blue