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Road Chainrings

Rotor Q-Ring Aero Outer Chainring

Rotor's Q-Rings feature a proven ovalized chainring design for optimizing power and efficiency throughout the pedal stroke. This has been more fully realized in time trial and triathlon use, hence the need for an aerodynamic version that is cleaner through the air.

The slightly ovalized Aero Q-Rings change the equivalent tooth size of a round ring by decreasing in shape ahead of the the zones known to create minimal power transmission (dead-spots) and increasing again as the the rider is in the power mode (when more power is available at the pedal down stroke). This brilliant design helps reduce the dreaded dead spot's negative effect by moving the legs easier through the dead-spot (imitating a smaller circular chainring) and enabling the legs to remain in the power stroke for more of a crank revolution. Given that there is individual preference and anatomic rationale for various femur lengths, a useful feature of the Q-ring design is that the position of the power portion of the chainring can be adjusted for optimal power and feel. The chainring offers different hole patterns relative to to the crank arms so you can start your power phase along the oval where you feel it works best.

Our experience has varied with Q-Rings and some riders don't adapt quickly. If you haven't ridden them, it may be best start in the offseason, and ideally on a trainer using a power meter. That way you can get used to the feel and results, as well as test various starting positions to know where your power stroke can best utilize the shape of the rings. Many pro cyclists and triathletes opt for Rotor's Aero Q-Rings to deliver big results and with a little patience and preparation, you can too.


  • Solid, aero, ovalized road chainring that allows most efficient use of the pedal stroke
  • Pinned and ramped for perfect shifting
  • High quality 7075 T6 aluminum machined chainring
  • Used by several pro teams and prominent time trialists and triathletes
  • Rings can be mounted to each rider's OCP (Optimum Chainring Position)
  • Should be paired with Q-Ring Inner Chainring
  • Multiple tooth options in either 130 or 110 bcd patterns
  • Finish: Anodized Black