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For build and component quality, performance and warranty, few companies can touch Roval right now- at any price point, and for XC/XC trail riders, the Control Carbon 29 Wheelset reigns supreme under $1400. This is a wheelset that is purpose-built to open terrain, from gut-wrenching climbs to tear-inducing descents, bringing value and performance to a whole new experience level: a high-performance wheel that excels everywhere from World Cup XC races to your favorite weekend trail. The Control Carbon combines the low weight and strength found in Roval's world-beating Control SL rim with the new DT Swiss 350 hubs and spokes. This level of quality, precision and performance has previously been found only on wheels costing twice as much.

Of course, getting the 358 gram Control SL carbon rim ensures you are already ahead of the pack. Every step of the Control design and prototyping process has lead to this; thousands of hours of grueling lab tests, simulating exaggerated real world forces generating relevant data regarding strength, stiffness, weight, and other critical measures. The carbon, 2Bliss Ready, Zero Bead Hook 4mm FlatTop design has been optimized for tubeless use, impressive inherent compliance and a 22% reduction in pinch flat risk, allowing you to run the lower pressures afforded by tubeless systems. For XC riders that means you can stay under a 2.3" tire and still get a wide footprint with a tire with proper shape and sidewall abrasion protection. Should you be considering some of the new tech available, please know this rim design is not compatible with tire inserts.

But the Zero Hook design is only part of the rim story. The new asymmetric design of the Control SL rim offers some subtle but important benefits. With the spokes offset to one side of the rim, this allowed the engineers to reduce the spoke offset that usually occurs at the hub. In turn, this means the set-up allows for greater bracing angles for the spokes between the hub and rim, while also minimizing the spoke tension differential that often occurs between drive- and non-drive side spokes. The end result is a wheel that is stronger, laterally stiffer, more durable, and in the case of the Control Carbon, with a resilient and compliant 28 hole 2x/2x (1:1) lacing, utilizing high tension straightpull spokes.

Striking a no-hassle balance between low weight and low maintenance, Roval chose the DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs (15/110mm thru-axle front, 12/148mm thru-axle rear) as the center point of the Control Carbon wheels. With sealed bearings, a notoriously durable 36-tooth ratchet, and 28 spokes front and rear, dependability is assured, while tool-less freehub removal makes changing, replacing, or servicing quite simple There is absolutely no point in laying up an awesome rim and pairing it with a quality hub, only to skimp on spokes and nipples. In keeping strength and dependability at the top of the priority list, Roval opted to hold the Control Carbon wheel together with the best: DT Swiss Competition Race spokes and external alloy Pro Lock nipples.

The 1450 gram wheelset is weighed when taped with tubeless rim tape. Tubeless valves, a replacement spoke kit and other hub end cap options and a Lifetime Warranty are included with the wheels. The latter requires registration through the link on the Roval website under Support>Warranty>Register Here. You can certainly spend another $1150 on the 1240 gram Control SL Wheelset if a pure race-oriented wheelset is your preference, but $1350 the Carbon Control from Roval is tough to beat for a race-slash-every day XC grade 29er wheelset.

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  • XC/XC trail beating carbon tubeless wheelset with incredible build and performance with great value
  • Same Roval carbon rim as the Control SL, but drilled for 28 spokes instead of 24
  • Asymmetric design of the Control SL rim offers some subtle but important benefits for spoke tension balance, overall strength when laced
  • Modern internal/external width with squat depth for stability and strength, offering a great tubeless tire footprint at low or moderate pressure
  • Rim Type: Zero Bead Hook 4mm FlatTop (not compatible with tire inserts), Disc Brake, Tubeless Ready (with tape/valves)
  • Rim Details: UD carbon, ERW 34mm, IRW 29mm, Asymmetric design, 358 grams
  • Hubset: DT Swiss 350 28h Straight-Pull, 6B disc, 15/110, 12/148 TA, 36T Star Ratchet drive system
  • DT sealed premium steel cartridge bearings; simple hub/freehub body maintenance
  • DT Competition Race straight pull spokes laced 2x/2x, 28h front & rear
  • Nipple: DT Hexagonal Prolock Alloy, external
  • Tire size range: 1.95"- 2.6"
  • Max pressure: 1.95"-2.3" 40psi, 2.35-2.5" 35psi, 2.5-2.6" 30psi
  • Max system (rider/gear/bike) weight: 275 lbs
  • Includes: 19mm/31mm OD endcap options, Roval Spoke Kit, Tubeless rim tape & valves, Lifetime warranty
  • Thru-Axle spacing: Boost 15/110mm front, 12/148mm rear
  • Disc brake rotor type: 6-Bolt
  • Size: 29"
  • Freehub: XD Driver
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1450 grams/set (with tubeless rim tape)
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