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Wheels Road Disc Wheels - Carbon

Roval Rapide CL 50 Disc Wheelset

The concept of what makes an "attacking", all-around wheelset has been flipped with the proven attributes and real world capacity of a rim brake wheelset such as the Roval CL 50 Disc. At 1515 grams for set it is more than competitively lightweight for a disc brake aero wheel, yet carries a 50mm profile 2Bliss Ready full carbon rim that has an internal width of 20.7mm. The max external rim width is 29.4mm, which speaks to it's shaping and overall design. Roval generates wind tunnel tested, CFD driven rim shapes to account for yaw angles and tires, as well as testing with parent company Specialized's pro teams and cyclists to fully understand the variables and requirements of the road that CFD can only model.

Aerodynamically, the CL 50 Disc outperforms many deeper-section aero rims without suffering the weight and handling drawbacks associated with deeper wheels. The lightning quick response, adept and stable handling, and great rolling speed make the CL 50 Disc Wheelset a true option for the attacking cyclist who loves to climb and descend, as well as strategically breakaway from the pack, knowing the speed and efficiency needed to maintain a gap. The rim is shaped to manage the air better at the tire rim interface. It appears the design will be aero optimal with 25-28mm tires, though keep in mind wider rims can accentuate width of many tire designs, both clincher and tubeless.

Roval builds wheel systems, not wheels. Each component part (rim, spokes, nipples, hub) has been carefully chosen and optimized to work together. In other words, you can't buy a Roval rim then lace it to whatever hub you want. From and engineering perspective, spoke angles, tension, how the the nipple interacts with the rim, etc., have been developed to produce the exact performance, weight, and overall ride characteristics that each wheelset is intended for. Hence, you see the Roval AFD1 hubset, with sculpted aluminum bodies and aero flanges that are a specific height and angle to both shorten spoke length, and create the proper path to the rim. The rim has spoke hole drilling that reduces risk of damage at high tension, and factors in the head shape of the nipple and how it interacts with the rim. This is pure engineering, with each component designed for specifications in load, strength, and functionality.

By designing and creating their own hubs, Roval dictates the internal specifications, and they built the AFD1 Center Lock disc, thru-axle hubset around standardized sealed cartridge bearings, oversized alloy axles, and end caps while the rear features DT Swiss 350 internals, which have one of the most reliable, easy to service, and exceptionally durable designs made. The DT Star Ratchet freehub body system, with proven seals and precision keep the wheels rolling fast and long, while offering the ability to easily replace, upgrade or switch the freehub (DT calls a freehub body a "rotor"). DT also provides the spokes for the CL 50, with their Competition Race T-head design ideal for high tension and resilience, along with their brass Pro Lock hexagonal nipples. The front wheel carries 21 spokes, laced in a 2x/Radial 2:1 pattern, while the rear features 24, laced 2x on the driveside, and 1x on the drive side, 2:1. The nipples can be accessed externally for simplified tension maintenance.

The CL 50 Disc Wheelset comes equipped for 12/100mm front and 12/42mm rear thru-axle use, AS WELL AS quick release endcaps and skewers for 100mm front and 135mm rear QR dropouts. Of course there is always Roval's Lifetime Warranty and Crash Protection program. The build and finishes are exquisite, with the Satin Carbon rim simple carrying gloss black graphics. If you feel your road disc wheelset just isn't giving your the proper balance of speed, handling, and responsiveness for all-around riding and racing, or are simply building up a new bike, the lightweight CL 50 Disc from Roval delivers on it's design and engineering goals that exceed expectations


  • Ideal all-around 50mm aero road wheelset for disc brake equipped bikes; lightweight, fast, stable
  • The CL 50 rim tests faster than shallow rims in all conditions, even heavy crosswinds
  • Handbuilt carbon wheels with Clincher/2Bliss Ready disc brake rims
  • CL 50 Disc rim spec: Depth 50mm, IRW 20.7mm, ERW 29.4mm
  • Compatible with 700c tires between 22-47mm
  • AFD1 Aero Flange straight pull disc brake hubs are aerodynamically optimized, with wide bracing angles for increased strength and reduced spoke weight
  • High quality DT Swiss 350 disc rear hub internals: high reliability/durability, easy service, parts available
  • Wind tunnel tested CFD driven rim shapes to account for yaw angles and tires
  • Built with integrated systems approach to ensure reliability, performance and the lightest weight possible
  • Spoke holes drilled at precisely the angle the nipple head will interface with the rim
  • Front wheel: 21 DT Competition Race T-head spokes, laced w/ DT Pro Lock brass hexagonal nipples; 2x (disc-side)/Radial (non-disc), 2:1 ratio
  • Rear wheel: 24 DT Competition Race T-head spokes, laced w/ Pro Lock brass hexagonal nipples; 2x on the driveside, and 1x on the non-drive side, 2:1 ratio
  • Rear hub features DT 350 Star Ratchet system and interchangeable freehub body (DT calls "rotor")
  • Disc brake rotor mount: Center Lock
  • Designed for a maximum rider weight of 240lbs (109kg)
  • Lifetime warranty, No Fault Crash Replacement (see details on Roval's website)
  • Includes: Roval steel quick-releases, Roval tubeless plugs and valves, Front 100mm quick-release & 12mm end caps, Rear 135mm quick-release & 142x12 thru-axle end caps
  • Size: 700c
  • Freehub: Shimano HG/SRAM 11s
  • Finish: Satin Carbon/Black
  • Weight: 1515 grams