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Rudy Project Boost 01 Helmet w Optical Shield

Rudy Project has always represented iconic design with an Italian flair, but the company has also been a leader in performance design. In partnering with aerodynamics guru John Cobb, Rudy has developed their first aero road helmet, the Boost 01 Helmet w/ Optical Shield. Design and engineering of the Boost 01 came from dedicated CFD modeling, then wind tunnel and real-life testing. The end result? An aero road helmet with excellent cooling from 10 vents and internal air circulation as well as a 12% aero drag reduction and 65% reduction in neck torque, both of which save you energy and fatigue, allowing you to be faster fresher, and more powerful at the end of your race than a traditional road helmet. All this, in a 240 gram (Small/Medium) lightweight design that offers all the comfort and fit features Rudy Project is known for, as well as covering all the safety requirements as well.

The primary technology driving the aerodynamics and torsion reduction come from the Universal Dorsal Ridge, which changes downward force on the helmet structure into forward motion, and the Dynamic Pressure Point, a loci that pulls air around the rider's neck and off the shoulders for improved aerodynamics. The Boost 01 is also available with a removable eye shield, but you can always pick up the shield separately as well, which only enhances the aerodynamic properties. As for fit and comfort, the RSR 9 retention system offers great wrap-around fit and helmet stability, while feature micro adjustment from it's simple dial wheel operation. The helmet padding is lightweight, fast drying, and anti-microbial, as well as being washable. Many Rudy helmet wearers praise the Fastex strap and buckle system, which is smooth against the skin and easy to fasten or release via the self-centering snap-lock buckle. The screen-like Vent Covers allow air to flow through, but can also be removed in super-hot conditions if desired. Standard eyewear (instead of the Optical Shield) is also considered, with a clean docking system that keeps the frames out of the wind and minimizes drag.

The Boost 01 Helmet w/ Optical Shield firmly stakes Rudy Project in the new world of true aero road helmets. Like all such models, the look is distinctive, with the flair we expect from the Italian manufacturer. The testing numbers are impressive, and the process was comprehensive, so while many take such results with a grain of salt, the presence of Cobb and integrity of Rudy's engineering is reassuring. If you are in the market for an aero road helmet, you will want to give the Boost 01 serious consideration.


  • Lightweight, compact, aero road race helmet with distinctive look, real advantage, with removable Optical Shield
  • ICEdot Compatible - innovative emergency service
  • Forward placed aerodynamic pressure zone to reduce neck torque
  • 10 vents and internal channeling to assure superior ventilation, cooling
  • Universal Dorsal Ridge converts sideways force into forward force
  • Dynamic Pressure Point pulls air around the rider's neck and off the shoulders for improved aerodynamics
  • Zero Torque delivers 12% aero drag reduction, 65% reduction in neck torque
  • Free Pad interchangeable comfort padding
  • RSR 9 Disc Retention System; Fastex Strap, Self-centering buckle system
  • Includes removable Boost 01 Optical Shield- Smoke
  • Sizes: Small/Medium, Large
  • Colors: White/Red Fluo, Stealth Matte, Ti/Black, White/Graphite
  • Weight: 248 grams (Small/Medium)
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