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Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS Helmet

The Racemaster MIPS Helmet from Rudy Project delivers safety fit, ventilation, features, and extra items that truly make a $450 retail helmet not only a top performer, but one with advanced protection for the human brain in case of impact. Though it feels lighter, the Racemaster MIPS does weigh in at 310 grams, but the features alone may be worth it, and again you don't notice the weight. That is largely due to the success of the ventilation system and sculpted form, but when you see the attention to detail and quality everywhere, you realize that pro cyclists spend hours on the bike and fit and finish, with top notch materials matter more in hour five than 50 grams of weight.

With any helmet you first consider the shape and color, right? Okay, once you get past these crucial factors the first real focus should be on construction and safety. The base foam of the structure employs Rudy's HexoCrush technology. The liner is molded with two different foam densities in a hexagon-shaped structure that provides improved shock absorption by dissipating impact forces sideways and radially. This EPS liner is InMold with the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton. That system takes force at impact , dissipating it by moving it away from the skull, releasing energy outward. The exoskeleton holds the structure together, to provide protection after initial impact, if necessary. The use of HexoCrush only enhances this proven InMold construction process.

The integration of the MIPS protection system takes place under the helmet's shell. MIPS separates the fit lining and carriage of the helmet from the shell. The two are connected at four points with a stretch material. In normal use the shell is stable. But what MIPS researchers, and others, have learned about collision and impact has to do with the movement of the brain within the skull at impact. Torsional force can damage the brain as much or more than a direct impact. In isolating the shell from the fit system, MIPS allows the shell to move- from impact, or torsion, 10-15mm independently from the skull. This drastically reduces the impact and rebound forces that cause brain injuries. While there are no guarantees, MIPS has greatly improved the level of protection that a helmet can provide.

Proper fit means comfort and added safety. Rudy Project developed their RSR9 Custom Fit approach to offer a half-head retaining system that is highly adjustable both vertically and in tension. Up to eight height positions are available so you can get the carriage of the helmet correct. Tension is controlled by the excellent rear dial, which can be tightened or loosened in small measures with a single hand. The dial features a hydrophilic rubber surface that can easily be controlled with wet, dry, or gloved hands. The soft flat straps are held in the yolk by the Divider Pro strap management system. It seems the straps never twist or fold, and the placement of the yolk is easy manipulated for comfort and practicality. There are two sets of pads, one is standard option, with superb comfort and antibacterial properties. The second uses the same pads but they are built into an integrated bug net, which allows air to flow in, but prevents bugs from doing the same.

All of the above must be engineered for protection, fit, and comfort but underlying it all is Flow Through ventilation. Twenty-two carefully arrayed vents and a rear fin design bring in air, allowing it to move around the skull, before releasing it out the back in a constant process. While every helmet company has similar systems, the Rudy design works exceptionally well, and is noticeably quiet. The goal is immediate effective evaporation of perspiration while the bike is moving along, and it is very effective on the hottest days. Comfort equals confidence and trust, which when buttressed by protection and safety, allow the cyclist to focus on the bike and road ahead, and forget about their helmet. Rudy has also started adding reflective safety stripes into the strap and retention system, for added visibility in low light conditions.

In addition to the extra bug net pad set, Rudy Project also includes a microfiber bag for storage to protect your sleek Racemaster MIPS during transport. A visor that pops in easily and and offers some sun protection comes with the helmet, as well as an additional pad. The last feature is the rear-facing Garage Eyewear Dock, two ports that stably hold sunglasses at the back of the helmet. This system prevents contact between the arms of the frame and the user’s head. You see? The Racemaster MIPS is an impressive helmet, and while fit and preference always come first, don't down grade safety, retention or features for the sake of a color. We have been strongly impressed with this Italian made helmet and expect you will be as well. Elevate Your Performance and releax with enhanced brain safety, with the Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS Helmet.


  • Pro tour level MIPS-equipped road helmet with innovative design and technologies that enhance safety, performance, and comfort
  • HexaCrush dual density foam liner with hexagonal shape application
  • InMold construction creates unified system of polycarbonate shell, EPS liner, and Exoskeleton to dissipate and release energy from impact
  • MIPS-equipped helmet to reduce rotational, sheering forces at impact
  • RSR9 Adjustable Comfort Fit and Retention system, with vertical adjustment and dial micro-control of tension
  • Soft, flat straps and Divider Pro increase comfort, ease of use
  • Rear facing Garage Eyewear Dock keeps frame arms off skull
  • Flow Through ventilation system uses 22 vents, rear fin to channel and release air and moisture from along the head
  • Safety Reflection System adds reflective stripes to straps, retention cradle
  • Includes: Microfiber pouch, 2 sets of pads, one with bug net; visor, additional pad
  • Also includes IceDot emergency technology and one year free registration
  • Sizes: S/M, Large
  • Colors: Matte Black, Matte White
  • Weight: 310 grams
  • Made in Italy
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